Mimics & Miscreants

Adventure. Make Bad Decisions. Die.

[Character Sheet]

It's my very own fantasy rpg heartbreaker with all the serial numbers filed off! A distant descendant of Arnold K.'s GLOG, featuring rapid character generation, a host of wild and worrying spells, clerical domains, mutations, and more, gratuitous cannibalism, more weapons than you can shake a polearm at...

Core rules are in the big MIMICS & MISCREANTS link! The Miscellanomicon has the most recent versions of additional content I've released on my blog; it's not consistently updated for terminology and formatting, but everything in it is usable.

The core PDF should have everything you need to run a game, provided you bring your own playgroup, adventure, and dice. Don't get too attached to anyone you roll - be free to make bold choices, poke the owlbear, use your body as a trap-detector, mouth off to the necromancer, and wear all the cursed bling you can fit on your remaining body parts as you drag your fallen comrades' gear out of the tomb, finally victorious against all odds.


  1. I reviewed this system here: http://archons-court.blogspot.com/2019/05/reviewing-another-glog-like-mimics.html


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