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LEGAMON: Travel Across the Land (Searching Far and Wide)

The commonly-accepted layout of the Cataclys Region.

Here's some more rules for my Legamon region! What would a 'mon game be without exploration?

On the map, rectangles are biomes, ovals are micro-biomes, diamonds are dungeons, and circles are towns. Stars are the sites of rumors, unexplored landmarks in the distance, and tales of eras past...

Double-lines are established routes. Dotted lines are pathways that you know of, but that require specialized 'mon or expertise to traverse (typically over water, through dark tunnels, or across passes blocked with rubble).

Dozens more pathways exist! It's up to you and your team of hardy adventurers to find them. (I have a copy of the Full Map - it's excitingly interconnected and full of fascinating secrets).

Days are divided into three segments - Morning
Afternoon, and Night. Each segment you're traveling in the wild, roll two dice on the biome's Signs table. If you roll a result you've rolled before that trip in the biome - or if you roll doubles - the Encounter linked to the Sign occurs.

After rolling for Signs and resolving any encounters, you may either Travel or Investigate. 

Traveling moves you one step further through the biome and closer to your destination. 

Investigating lets you follow up on a Sign you rolled this half-day, deliberately encountering whatever it portends. If you investigate, you make no progress towards your objective - but Legamon is about the journey, not the destination!

Encounters have three grades of Danger (⚠). This measures how hard they are to confront violently - encounters can (and should) be completed in other ways. Danger increases by
at night, by in certain weather conditions, and when you're travelling loudly (with large legamon, vehicles, running, shouting, shining bright lights around, etc). Danger starts at ⚠, and cannot increase above .

Rolling a duplicate sign causes the corresponding encounter at the current Danger level, even if previous signs were rolled at lower (or higher!) levels of Danger.

Whether tracking a lost 'mon, seeking out a hidden pathway, or braving the depths of an ancient ruin, the process of investigation is abstracted in the same way. Prepare a list of Rumors and Clues for the players. Rumors are gained from NPCs in town or on the road, while Clues are found in the wild after encounters. Rumors and Clues both hint at Signs the players need to investigate as they encounter them in their exploration.

Modify the Signs that your Rumors and Clues lead to with additional Obstacles, and write down what the players gain when they overcome those obstacles - typically more Clues that help lead players to their objective.

Players who've figured out what Sign a Clue leads to will still need to organically run into that Sign in their exploration, which may take time. Players following up on extraneous Signs in the process will run into encounters that can deplete their resources.

Clues are sequenced, and therefore the players may sequence-break. This is a good thing! If the party stumble into and resolve an encounter that's later in the chain of clues, they can absolutely get later clues - or even find their objective!

Some objectives may require at least one previous obstacle to be overcome. If the party encounters the objective's Sign without overcoming a previous obstacle, they've just found a different part of the biome with similar characteristics. After all, there's more than one Serpyne nest in Iridesce Forest.

Sample Encounter Tables
Chalice Highlands
1. Circling shape high above ➔ ⚠ Prowowl searching for Dugratts or Permafrogs.
        ⚠⚠ Paragrine, hunting a stray Gruffle.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Cuatlass, hunting an entire herd.
2. Distant herd Gruffle grazing on tall grass.
        ⚠⚠ Rundeer.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Group of Moostler.

Mischief ⚠ One of Skrundle, Impossumble, or Racceteer.
        ⚠⚠ Two of them.
        ⚠⚠⚠ All three.

Flock of birds Chirpikeet.
        ⚠⚠ Hunting Sparrowls.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Pair of Hailcon.

Shifting beneath the tundra ⚠ Hive of Dugratt.
        ⚠⚠ Disturbed colony of hibernating Permafrog.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Glacianura.

6. Tracks in fresh snow
⚠ Pack of Beaglisk.
        ⚠⚠ Solitary
        ⚠⚠⚠ Retrievyrn.

Iridesce Forest
1. Scuttling in the bushes ➔ ⚠ Isopage swarm.
        ⚠⚠ Ravenous lance of Centiknights.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Milliqueen migrating with her hive of Isopage.
2. Rustling overhead
⚠ Flock of Chirpikeet.
        ⚠⚠ Impossumble making mischief.
Lushina, seeking your light sources.
Undergrowth shifting ⚠ Bush of Floresce.
Clingrowth digesting some food.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Mythira appears out of the corner of your eye.

Flickering lights in the middle distance Candlights, looking for new "friends".
        ⚠⚠ Willowisp, starting fires with its prey for fun.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Faeker, with a spread of offputting delicacies.

Snapping branches and shaking trees ➔ ⚠ Ambling Cordycol.
        ⚠⚠ Rampaging Voraceps.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Kudzilla!

6. Hissing underfoot
⚠ Bush of Klissilk trying to cocoon themselves.
        ⚠⚠ Nest of Serpyne.
        ⚠⚠⚠ Vydra, hunting.

Exploration Moves
Each 'mon has a default Exploration Move, in addition to their combat moves. This is not an exhaustive list! 'Mon may be taught additional exploration moves based on their physical and cognitive capabilities.

Antivenom. Shed can be brewed into a tonic that is either poisonous or heals poisoning in both humans and 'mon.
Calm Presence. While calm, projects calming aura.
Camouflage. Blends into native surroundings.
Caravan. Provides shelter and travel for a team of smaller 'mon and their Trainer.
Cold Surface. Can be used to cool off or freeze water.
Forecast. Can tell the weather up to a week in advance.
Foresight. Roll an extra Sign when exploring.
Fly. Can fly while carrying a trainer or smaller 'mon.
Herder. Great with kids; will keep other 'mon in line while you're away.
Hot Surface. Can be used as a campfire or stove.
Hive Queen. Lays eggs that are edible when unfertilized.
Illuminate. Sheds bright light in dark areas.
Illusionist. Can make convincing illusory displays.
Intangible. Can walk through solid surfaces.
Intelligent. As smart as a human, and expresses it in unique ways.
Intimidating. Weaker 'mon shy away from it, rather than acting aggressively or friendly.
Magnificent. Projects an aura of awe.
Messenger. Can memorize and carry message to places it's been before. 1 message at a time.
Mount: Can be ridden at high speeds by a human or smaller 'mon.
Prepared. Might have useful items on it.
Radioactive. Slowly irradiates surrounding area and creatures.
Shadowed. Casts a deep shadow, shedding darkness in bright areas.
Silent. Moves without any sound at all.
Slash. Cut through dense undergrowth.
Sneaky. Can get into areas without people noticing intrusion. What it does afterwards might alert them.
Sociable. Highly talkative with other members of its species, can get Clues easier around them.
Stinky. Can spray vile stench, wards area against anything not absolutely determined to enter.
Strength. Strong enough to pull wagons, topple trees, and shove smaller 'mon around at will.
Stubborn. Can't be moved unless it wants to be.
Sunder. Break through tough obstacles.
Surf. Can swim at surface of water while ridden by a trainer or smaller 'mon.
Sweet Fruit. Grows tasty fruits, loved by most 'mon and humans.
Tracker. Given a sample, can follow the scent.
Tunnel. Make a temporary tunnel large enough for smaller 'mon and the trainer to follow.
Warm Coat. Very snuggly, will keep you warm on cold nights. Can be sheared for warm wool.

001. Elefruit:
 Sweet Fruit.
002. Mastoak: Strength.
003. Palangrove: Sweet Fruit, Strength, Caravan.
004. Scinder: Illuminate.
005. Scindwurm: Tunnel.
006. Scinferno: Illuminate, Tunnel, Strength.
007. Jellobe: Calm Presence.
008. Zoalobe: Foresight.
009. Medusulus: Surf, Foresight, Intelligent.
010. Klissilk: Camouflage.
011. Nulluna: Shadowed.
012. Lushina: Illuminate.
013. Chirpikeet: Messenger.
014. Hailcon: Forecast, Messenger.
015. Paragrine: Forecast, Fly, Messenger
016. Serpyne, 017. Vydra: Antivenom.
018. Floresce: Sweet Fruit.
019. Isopage: Sociable (Isopage, Milliqueen)
020. Centiknight: Strength.
021. Milliqueen: Sociable (Isopage, Milliqueen), Strength, Hive Queen.
022. Rundeer: Mount.
023. Moostler: Mount, Strength.
024. Gruffle: Warm Coat.
025. Beaglisk, 026. Retrievyrn: Herder.
027. Cordycol: Social (Humans).
028. Voraceps: Strength.
029. Skrundle: Stinky.
030. Racceteer: Sneaky.
031. Impossumble: Prepared.
032. Clingrowth: Slash.
033. Kudzilla: Slash, Intimidating, Strength.
034. Crystacean: Sunder.
035. Paguranite: Sunder, Stubborn.
036. Titanicrab: Sunder, Stubborn, Caravan.
037. Silecret: Camouflage.
038. Sparrowl: Silent.
039. Prowowl: Silent, Fly.
040. Anglerblitz: Camouflage.
041. Eelit, 042. Arteray: Tracker (Creatures).
043. Sabrance: Sunder, Sociable (Sabrance, Epearry).
044. Epearry: Slash, Sociable (Sabrance, Epearry).
045. Swordoom: Intimidating.
046. Armoreck: Intimidating, Strength.
047. Candlight, 048. Willowisp: Illuminate.
049. Faeker: Calm Presence, Illusionist.
050. Koboar: Tunnel.
051. Morboar: Tunnel, Tracker (Gems).
052. Korale: Calm Presence
053. Dorminuen: Sociable (Dorminuen, Reveria), Calm Presence.
054. Reveria: Sociable (Dorminuen, Reveria), Calm Presence, Intelligent.
055. Nocturnale: Intimidating, Intelligent.
056. Geisticle: Camouflage.
057. Bunkit, 058. Pallasade: Stubborn.
059. Pyroil: Hot Surface.
060. Pyrannic: Hot Surface, Intimidating, Strength.
061. Dugratt: Sociable (Dugratt, Kingratt).
062. Kingratt: Sociable (Any), Intelligent.
063. Sierchin: Stubborn.
064. Hoardile: Prepared.
065. Pogonagon: Mount, Intimidating.
066. Cirranta: Forecast, Fly.
067. Permafrog: Cold Surface.
068. Glacianura: Cold Surface, Caravan, Surf.
069. Quartigrade, 070. Obsidigrade: Camouflage, Stubborn.
071. Spectrial: Intangible, Foresight.
072. Scarsine: Sunder, Strength.
073. Whirlord: Slash, Sunder, Strength.
074. Ooloo: Warm Coat.
075. Ashira: Shadowed.
076. Avalira: Sunder.
077. Battira: Intimidating.
078. Hivira: Sociable (Bug-types).
079. Mythira: Sneaky, Magnificent.
080. Stormira: Forecast.
081. Velucharaptor: Slash.
082. Mentatherium: Foresight.
083. Alphanthrope: Sociable (Alphanthrope), Intimidating.
084. Chiropyre: Tracker (Creatures), Silent.
085. Blubble: Surf, Strength.
086. Leviabyss: Surf, Strength, Caravan.
087. Cuatlass: Fly, Slash, Magnificent.
088. Impradiate: Illuminate, Radioactive.
089. Demoncore: Intimidating, Illuminate, Radioactive.
090. Eyescraper: Stubborn, Camouflage.

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get it here!

What this is:
‣ The spiritual successor to SAWN-OFF.
‣ Designed for usability. Every part should be immediately obvious as to how and where it gets used at the table.
‣ Procedure-focused. There's no core gameplay loop or Gygaxian adherence to time records, but instead a collection of procedures to handle common situations and to give GMs a baseline to improvise off of.
‣  Vaguely storygamey. I really liked my 2d6 exploration rolls, so I expanded them to cover all situations where players have to evaluate a scenario with imperfect information.
‣ My best GLOGhack yet, in my humble (ha!) opinion.
‣ The work of countless hours spent procrastinating on longer, more estimable projects.
‣ Only 11 pages long!

What this is not:
‣ Playtested, yet, unfortunately. Some of the components have been, but overall? I don't know how it plays, but I'm dying to find out!
‣ A list of classes, backgrounds, equipment, and spells. We have so many of those in the GLOGosphere that you can easily find ones to fit your taste - even on this very blog!
‣ Setting-specific. I made it generic enough to crowbar into pretty much anything; bolt on as many tables and maps and lists as you want. Items are generic as well, and I've purposely refused to commit to any particular set of religions or even one set of spellcasting rules (in keeping with my steadfast distaste of standard GLOG magic).
‣ Comprehensive. It's missing parts that many games will need, primarily character options. Expand it, exploit it, make house rules. The GLOG is not to be constrained to one PDF, or one author.
‣ Complete. I'm posting it now to avoid the depredations of my eternal nemesis, Scope Creep. There will be updates, more procedures, more items, and maybe even that dread spectre of content.

What this might be:
‣ My new favorite hack.
‣ Your new favorite hack.
‣ A solid foundation upon which to start building your own GLOG.
‣ The ravings of a lunatic.
‣ Full of blood. Not my blood, thanks for asking

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