Sunday, October 18, 2020

Radical Catgirl Anarchist

 Sorry to anyone (Dan) who I may or may not have cribbed this idea wholesale off of in a fit of hyperfocus in the OSR discord. Anyway, it's a slow month for posts on my end (when isn't it these days), so have something small and quick and memey to tide you over until I get off my ass and post another giant chunk of a system.


by avvart

Radical Catgirl Anarchist 1: Catgirl Can Do Little a Arson (As a Treat), Like Nyaa.... 
Radical Catgirl Anarchist 2: Banned, Kitty Got Claws 
Radical Catgirl Anarchist 3: Polycule, The Discourse, +1 use of Banned 
Radical Catgirl Anarchist 4: One (Cat)Woman Army, Virulent Discourse, +2 uses of Banned

Hit Die: d9 (this is the next best thing to having nine lives, make it count)
Starting Equipment: Anarchist flag, trans flag, flag of a defunct soviet republic, burner phone, cat ear headphones, overflowing gas can, lighter, pamphlets
Starting Skills: 1. Computer Science (or nearest setting equivalent), 2. History, 3. Lockpicking, 4. Seduction, 5. Thievery, 6. Oratory

Catgirl Can Do Little a Arson (As a Treat): You always have the supplies on you to do arson, and it doesn't count towards your inventory slots. This makes you extra-flammable (any magic effect or max-damage attack will light the accelerant you're carrying), and anyone looking for a reason to arrest you will find "carrying a lighter and a gas can" a very compelling reason to do so. You can't not have arson supplies on you.

Like, Nyaa...: By acting cutesy, you can hold someone's attention and distract them from literally anything they're doing, even fighting you. The distraction ends and they realize it's actually really annoying as soon as you do anything else, like paying attention to another person, or scratching them bad enough to deal damage. Affects templates^2 people at once.

Banned: Once, at any point, you can declare that you've been banned from a particular political party, establishment, polycule, cult, university, etc. When you do, learn a skill or ability related to that group. They've blacklisted you, hate your guts, and will mess you up if you ever show your face around there again (and might send people to do so anyway). 

Kitty Got Claws: Turns out the catgirl thing is more than just an aesthetic! Your unarmed attacks deal d6 slashing damage, and you have the proportionate hearing (real cat ears! what a world) and mobility of a cat (jumping, climbing, kneading, having a tail, sunning yourself in the most inconvenient locations, etc.)

Polycule: At any point, you can declare that someone in your polycule has the very specific skill your party needs and reach out to them for help. The GM makes a reaction roll to see if that person is actually still in your polycule or if it's all collapsed since you've last checked in, and how they take you reaching out for aid. They don't tell you what result you got until the person arrives.

Polycule Reactions
12: Surprise party! Not only do they show up, but d4 of their metamours show up too - with d4 total class levels (yes, possibly in Radical Catgirl Anarchist), and d4 eighths of good weed.
10-11: They were just on their way to see you! The partner or metamour in question shows up and joins the party until you don't need their skills anymore (or until they realize they aren't gonna get lucky this time).
7-9: It's a date! They arrive in d6 (exploding)*10 minutes, because public transit is just Like That sometimes.
5-6: They're on their way (as It's a Date), but they have some drama to share. They'll do you this favor this once, but then they're breaking up with you and/or whoever you're both dating.
3-4: Explain yourself! They show up in d6*10 minutes, and are immediately hostile. Hurting them (physically, and probably emotionally too) will get you on bad terms with your other partners if you don't have a chance to spin the story first*.
2: Your polycule has completely imploded. Not only does the person you're reaching out to hate your guts and want revenge for slights both real and imagined, but you can't use this ability again until you return to town and queer dance nights at the local tavern.

The Discourse: Your truly dizzying knowledge of radical theory lets you whip up any political group into a frenzy with a quick speech. Roll a d6 when you try; on a 5 or 6, they'll follow one order you give them (to the letter and their own interpretation of your arguments). On a 3 or 4, they fall into a frenzy against each other, quickly forgetting that you're even there to stir the pot. On a 1 or 2, they realize your ethos is diametrically opposed to theirs and attack you! Damn anarchists! They ruined anarchy!

Virulent Discourse: Discourse now gets the group to follow you on a 4, 5, or 6, causes them to attack each other over minor doctrinal differences on a 2 or 3, and makes you their next target on a 1. You can initiate discourse with a single sentence, rather than multiple paragraphs; or you can do it by getting them all to read your ((cat)wo)manifesto.

One (Cat)Woman Army: You're always prepared and spectacularly lethal. Gain an AK-47 with practically limitless ammunition. Of course, it never breaks, but it's also subject to the same stipulation as CCDLaA(AaT) - you can't leave it behind or hide it; it's always slung over your shoulder, practically begging to be used.

AK-47 Stats: 2d4 damage, 4s explode (roll another d4 and add that damage, explosions can cascade). You may split the dice between up to 2 different targets. Needs to be reloaded after any of its dice roll a 1 or explode. Reloading takes an attack action. Never jams.

*Needless to say, the RCA is in an incredibly dysfunctional polycule. There's honest, open, and healthy ways to do polyamory - and very few of them involve being an adventurer who's incommunicado for weeks at a time fighting monsters while everyone else is chilling back in town.


  1. I can't even be mad that was some killer turnaround time.

  2. If I had a nickel for each time time that someone make a joke about radical catgirl anarchy in RPG context and then have people quickly make RPG content out of it I'd have two nickels, but it's odd that it's happened twice.

  3. ugh not a catgirl but the queer polyam anarchist in me loves the fucking shit out of this wow

  4. Don't mind me, just grabbing this for my low fantasy medieval setting with no explanation for the AK-47...

  5. I love it, but I might not bring it to my table because a) the 5e gamer side of my group would be very confused, and b) the other side of my group would refuse to use any other class.

  6. Finally, a class to represent my Truest Form!


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