Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Witness the Carbarian

So I just wrote up vehicle rules, and was rightly pointed out that this is perfect for a Mad Max game. Then I heard the pun, and this followed.

Berzerker Conduit: Carbarian
The smell of nitro in your mouth. The stolen blood in your veins running as hot as detonating gasoline. Your vehicle shudders beneath you, itching, revving, screaming for you to wield it, to maim, to kill, to be Witnessed. You will oblige the machine, even if it means your death. Shiny and chrome, you will ride eternal on the Fury Road.

(Quick reminder for the Berzerker rules: You have a conduit, and gain its Passive benefit. You have Rage Dice, which are d4s. When you want to enter a rage, roll any number of your Rage Dice. THe rage lasts for (sum) minutes. Rage Dice burn out on 3s or 4s, and only return on a daily or long rest. When you roll doubles or triples on your Rage Dice, you get the related effect from your Conduit.

While raging, you get an extra attack each round, (sum) bonus temporary Hit Points, and can use the Active benefit at the cost of cutting (dice) minutes off your rage. You can't take any actions that don't contribute to you brutally murdering things while you're raging, and it automatically expires when all enemies are dead, subdued, or driven off, regardless of how much time is left. You can try to end your rage early on a 1-in-4.)

Your conduit is your vehicle. Begin with a vehicle of a randomly-determined type (1. Bike, 2. Car, 3. Van, 4. Truck, 5. Light Mech, 6. Heavy Mech); roll for all its stats with advantage and pick 2 Accessories.

Passive: One With The Machine
You pass all saves to mitigate damage from Breaches. Whenever you would restore HP from a rest, you may instead restore that many HP to your vehicle.

Sacrifice 1d4 of your own HP to do one of the following:
- Restore that many of your Vehicle's HP
- Step up your Fuel die, or restore it to a d4 if you're out of gas
- Increase your Speed by that much
- Pass a Handling test to move further
- Make a Charisma check. If you succeed, Stunt (as per the human-scale combat rules).

1. Triple your Speed. Automatically Breach.
2. You can pick which Breaches or Wounds your attacks with your vehicle deal. Halve your Speed.
3. Increase the range of squares you can move to by 1. Successful Handling tests increase it by a further 1. Anyone else in the vehicle while you're moving has to save or take d4 bludgeoning damage.
4. Take no damage from Ramming attacks. You can't reduce your Speed.

1. Whenever you deal damage to a vehicle, you can move your Speed again in any direction. You take damage with advantage from Ramming attacks.
2. Treat your Vehicle as if it had an additional Accessory of your choice. Using that Accessory costs 1 Vehicle HP.
3. Whenever you attack with your vehicle, you must make a Charisma check to perform a Stunt of your choice. Whenever any of your Stunts fail, you suffer d4 Psychic damage.
4. Roll twice on the Doubles table.

by Shane Molina


  1. I am so glad my little comment inspired such a gem. This fits *perfectly* Definitely not mediocre!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm real happy with how it turned out!

  2. Class List: Carbarian, Road Warrior, Wrench Wizard.

    Please let this be the next community project.

    1. With names like those I might just have to do it!


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