Sunday, October 31, 2021

Starships & Scoundrels

It is an age of darkness. After a decade, the iron fist of the GALACTIC EMPIRE has finally closed around the Mid Rim, enslaving entire populations and stripping their planets bare to fuel the dreaded Imperial Starfleet and the mysterious TARKIN INITIATIVE.

After the Jedi Purge and the relentless pursuit of the IMPERIAL INQUISITORIUS, the Jedi are nearly extinct. Now the Inquisitors hunt down Jedi and Sith artifacts for their own dark schemes, before thieves and smugglers get them first.

Criminal syndicates and pirate warlords demand tribute across the lawless Outer Rim. Their captains and bounty hunters rule the fringes of the galaxy, constantly seeking an edge over their rivals as the Empire closes in.

On countless worlds, brave freedom fighters risk their lives to prove that the Empire is not invincible. The Empire calls them anarchists and terrorists, but if united into a REBEL ALLIANCE, they could return hope to the galaxy...

by Ralph McQuarrie
Happy Halloween! This year I'm dressing up as... a rules-light Star Wars tabletop rpg? I've spent the last few months slapping this together and it's finally ready for public consumption. Click here or the image below for the game, and the button below that to generate a character!

- All the things you remember liking about Star Wars
- None of the things you've posted screeds online about hating about Star Wars
- Aurebesh script for that authentic X-Wing control panel flavor
- A d66 table of planet names I arbitrarily stole from Wookiepedia
- Clothing options for your stylish Star Wars OCs
- The inevitable temptation of the Dark Side of the Force
- It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground!



  1. LOVE the whole force token economy! not so much the dark-light force line thing tho lol. but really interesting stuff overall!

  2. The Force Tracker is a really great use of mechanics to enforce tone, something which I adore.

    High Ground/Low Ground is a bit memey, but a fun one.

    Lightning as the Dark Side of healing, manipulating the body to cause pain, just clicked with me now (duh, it's not actual electricity) and I wonder how I never worked that out before.

    Good stuff! Have to try and get my Star-Wars-fan brother to play this with me.

  3. This is spectacular. Should the Choke force power have a hit rating?

    1. I'd stat it as an unarmed attack, which I now realize isn't in the rules either! Call unarmed attacks a 2-in-6, and Choke a Force-Powers-in-6 (so the stronger you are in the force, the more dangerous your force chokes are).

  4. Damn i love this thank you for putting it together!


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