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Cleric Domains Vol. 3

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And with this post I've finally got a full list of 20 clerical domains to mix and match into ever-stranger deities, belief systems, traditions, and whatnot. Miracles might be subject to change, but I think I've finally done what I've set out to do with my clerics: namely, make them a class I enjoy playing and running for. Deities are customizable. Miracles are flavorful and connect to your particular brand of worship. You play as a preacher, not a paladin with a greater focus on healing, and your devotion extends far beyond a simple 9-box alignment chart.

1. Animal**
2. Authority*
3. Battle*
4. Blood*
5. Creation*
6. Death**
7. Element
8. Fate**
9. Forge**
10. Greed**
11. Harvest
12. Knowledge*
13. Love
14. Nobility
15. Purity*
16. Storm**
17. Trickery*
18. Undeath
19. Vengeance
20. Wilds*

*These domains are in the original Cleric post

**These domains are in Cleric Domains Vol. 2

1. Spend time in areas affiliated with your element, 2. Wear talismans and garments linked to your element, 3. Attack opposed elements, 4. Seek out marvels of your element

1. Control Element
Range dice*50ft; Target n/a; Duration sum minutes
You control an fist/person/wagon/house (1/2/3/4 dice)-size amount of your element within range. You can move it and reshape it as you want. If it's part of something that also can control it (like earth in an earth elemental, or water in blood), you need to have 2 or more dice, and they get a save.

2. Summon Elemental
Range touch; Target n/a; Duration dice hours
Summon a dice HD minion made of your element that obeys your commands. Its size is based on its HD, and its attacks deal d6/d8/d10/d12 (1/2/3/4 dice) damage of an appropriate elemental type. It has a relevant movement type (e.g. burrowing for earth, or teleportation for lightning). You can only have HD of elementals summoned equal to your cleric level.

3. Become Element
Range self; Target self; Duration sum minutes
You convert 1 die: a fist or smaller body part, 2 dice: a limb, 3 dice: half your body, 4 dice: your entire body and all your equipment into your element. You also step up the unarmed damage die for attacks with that part of your body, and it deals a relevant type of damage.

*pick or randomly generate an element; a sample (and very non-exhaustive) list is below:
1. Fire, 2. Water, 3. Earth, 4. Air, 5. Ice, 6. Lightning, 7. Ooze, 8. Magma, 9. Radiance, 10. Shadow, 11. Uranium, 12. Surprise

1. Sow seeds for the future, 2. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, 3. Do honest work, 4. Tend to others' needs

1. Fortify
Range touch; Target dice*2 food items; Duration dice hours
Pick dice effects to apply to the targets. Effects can be chosen more than once, but once imbued, targets can't be imbued again.
- Remove diseases/poisons/mold/rot from food/drink
- Change taste
- Advantage on HP rolls during rest
- Heals 1 HP when consumed
- Make it keep dice+1 times longer than it usually would (this effect doesn't wear off).

2. Loaves and Fishes
Range touch; Target 1 food item; Duration dice hours
Divide the target into dice+1 copies of itself. They disintegrate into dust when the duration ends unless consumed first. Each copy only counts for 1 ration.

3. Domesticate
Range 50'; Target dice animals; Duration sum hours
Target becomes placid and will meekly follow you. Targets with over dice HD get a save.

1. Spread love, not war, 2. Foster kinship between all living things, 3. Bring together those who were destined to be together, 4. Keep true love alive and expose false "love" for the lie it is

1. Heart to Heart
Range touch; Target dice+1 creatures; Duration dice hours
The targets gain telepathy, know each other's location, and cannot lie to each other. With 2 dice, targets can voluntarily share memories. With 3 dice, targets can experience each others' senses and move each others' bodies. With 4 dice, continues working even after one target dies.

2. Locate Soulmate
Range n/a; Target 1 creature; Duration instant
You and the target both learn one piece of information at random of the target's soulmate that you don't already know.
1 die: one physical feature (eye color, hair color, current clothing, etc.)
2 dice: one mental feature (favorite food, personality trait, current mental state, etc.)
3 dice: their name
4 dice: their current location

3. Unite
Range touch; Target 1 creature; Duration sum minutes
Target can use dice abilities per round of other creatures voluntarily touching them. This includes but is not limited to class abilities, spells, movement types, languages, etc.

1. Flaunt your status, 2. Reinforce hierarchy, 3. Do your lord's bidding, 4. Gather power for yourself and your lord

1. Assert Status
Range 50'; Target 1 mortal; Duration sum minutes
One target is perceived by all others as dice ranks more or less important than they usually are (i.e. you could make a soldier perceived as the commander on a battlefield, or your party's scholar as a lowly scribe unworthy of note)

2. Summon Servant
Range 10'; Target n/a; Duration sum hours
Summon a servant. They are the platonic ideal of that servant, perfectly obsequious and loyal, with relevant skills in their area of expertise and absolutely none outside of them.
1 die: a butler (no class levels)
2 dice: a cook (level 1 butcher)
3 dice: a bodyguard (level 2 d4: 1-2. fighter, 3. ranger, 4. adept)
4 dice: a advisor (level 2 d4: 1. scholar, 2. wizard, 3. cleric, 4. engineer)

3. Geas
Range touch; Target 1 creature; Duration sum hours/days/months/permanently
Target must obey a prohibition you put on it, or perform a service you demand of it. Whenever it tries to disobey your command, it must save or take dice d6 damage. This command cannot be immediately or drastically self-destructive.

1. Resurrect great powers, 2. Oppose those who would keep the dead buried, 3. Seek out and fulfill the will of the dead, 4. Slay others so they too can join the ranks of the dead

1. Reanimate
Range touch; Target 1 corpse; Duration sum hours
The target is imbued with false life, and can move as it did in life (though it's restricted by what parts it still has). It has up to dice HD, and you can command up to cleric level*2 HD of undead. Other undead you resurrect act according to their nature, which is usually hungry and hostile to anything alive - including you, probably.

2. Speak With Dead
Range touch; Target 1 corpse, dead or undead; Duration sum minutes
Animate the targeted corpse's skull and ask it sum/2 (round up) questions. It must answer truthfully, if cryptically. If dice is 2 or greater, you can force an undead to stop all other tasks and answer your questions instead. If dice is 3 or greater, you can issue commands to an undead in addition to asking it questions. If dice is 4 or greater, you can raise the targeted corpse as an undead under your command (as Reanimate) for the duration of the spell.

3. Steal Soul
Range 50'; Target 1 creature with a soul; Duration instant
Make a ranged attack against the target that deals sum necrotic damage and imprisons a proportional amount of their soul in a vessel on your person. This soul can be interrogated as Speak With Dead.

1. Do unto others as they have done unto you, 2. Keep grudges, 3. Help others settle their own scores, 4. Ensure the right person is punished for their crimes

1. Do Unto
Range 100'; Target one creature who has wronged you or someone you know; Duration instant
Make a ranged attack that inflicts a minor petty inconvenience that (among other things) deals d4 damage to the target. For each way in which the inconvenience is ironic, you can upgrade the scale of the inconvenience and the damage die size, up to a maximum of dice times.

2. Hunt Down
Range n/a; Target one creature who has wronged you or someone you know; Duration instant
You learn one random piece of information about the target that you don't already know.
1 die: one physical feature (eye color, hair color, current clothing, etc.)
2 dice: one mental feature (favorite food, personality trait, current mental state, etc.)
3 dice: their name
4 dice: their current location

3. Compel Confession
Range touch; Target one creature; Duration instant
Target confesses to a crime they have committed. For each die, you can ask them one question about it, to get more details. At 2 or more dice, you can specify which crime they confess to, though if they didn't do it they'll just make stuff up and hope it's enough for you.

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