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Cleric Domains Vol. 2

6 more Cleric domains to play with at your leisure! This all started because one of my players for my upcoming game wanted to play a Mohist Engineer/Forge Cleric dedicated to bringing about universal peace through liberal application of siege weaponry, and that was too cool a concept to deny. Also, expect a Volume 3 at some point with 6 more domains, to round it off to an even 20.
image by Julie Dillon
1. Protect your animal and its environment
2. Act as your animal does in its place in the ecosystem
3. Promote the societal virtues your animal embodies
4. Defend your animal's honor

1. Bestow Shape
Range: touch/self; Target: 1 willing creature; Duration: [dice] hours
Target can speak with animals, who will treat target as a strange kind of [chosen animal]. Target also gains +2 to a relevant stat, and gains either a relevant sense, a natural weapon attack that deals d8+(STR or DEX) damage, or a resistance that [chosen animal] has. If [dice] is 2 or greater, the target becomes that animal. If [dice] is 3 or greater, the target can become a size category larger or smaller than the animal usually is, or become a pack/flock of that animal. If [dice] is 4 or greater, you can force an unwilling creature to save vs. becoming that animal.

2. Summon Animal
Range: N/A; Target: N/A; Duration: [sum]*10 minutes
[sum] [dice]HD [chosen animal] flock to you. They will follow simple instructions that are in line with your Commands for [sum]*10 minutes

3. Survival Instinct
Range: touch/self; Target: 1 creature; Duration: [sum] hours
Target has Advantageous Terrain as a Ranger for your chosen animal's home terrain. When foraging for food, they know what is edible, and can gain sustenance from anything your chosen animal could eat. Target knows the tracks of local predators and prey and can follow them unerringly. Target cannot get lost in this terrain.

*pick an animal when you get this domain. You can pick this domain more than once, and take a different animal for its commands and miracles.

1. Let none cheat death
2. Help others pass on in peace when their time comes
3. Remind others that death will come for them
4. Release trapped souls from the world

1. Speak With Dead
Range: touch; Target: 1 corpse, dead or undead; Duration: [sum] minutes
Animate the targeted corpse's skull and ask it [sum] questions. It must answer truthfully, if cryptically. If [dice] is 2 or greater, you can force an undead to stop all other tasks and answer your questions instead. If [dice] is 3 or greater, you can issue commands to an undead in addition to asking it questions. If [dice] is 4 or greater, you can raise the targeted corpse as an undead under your command for the duration of the spell.

2. Blight
Range: touch; Touch: creature or up to [sum] acres of land; Duration: [sum] days
Either inflict or lift a blighting curse, which significantly diminishes crop growth, befouls wells, turns milk sour, weakens animals and children, lowers fertility of both soil and people. Any creature born under a Blight must save or roll a permanent mutation. Blighted creatures treat their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution modifiers as -[dice], cannot heal wounds, and have disadvantage on saves vs. disease or poison.

3. Exorcise
Range: within a drawn circle; Target: circle; Duration: [sum] hours
Spirits, undead, and (if you so desire) unbelievers cannot enter the circle. All such within the circle must save (on cast/each hour/each minute/each turn, [dice] = 1/2/3/4) vs. being violently expelled from the circle, taking [dice]d8 damage. If the circle is broken, the effect ends.

1. Ensure that prophecy comes to pass
2. Prevent the misuse of magic, for it oft damages the strings of fate
3. Be the hand of karmic balance in the world
4. Uncover the past, in order to better know the future

1. Second Chance
Range: 100ft; Target 1 creature; Duration: instant
Target rerolls a die that rolled its worst possible value. This works on the GM too.

2. Foretell
Range: N/A; Target: something you have a sympathetic link to; Duration: instant
You can ask one question about the future of the target within the next [sum] days/months/years/decades ([dice] = 1/2/3/4). When you next sleep, the answer is revealed to you metaphorically in a dream.

3. Snip Fatestrings
Range: 100ft; Target: 1 creature; Duration: instant
Target loses [sum]*[dice] years off their life. The shock of this forces them to save vs. fear. If this brings their lifespan to less than their current age, they save vs. death. If they pass that save, you can't cast this on them anymore, and their existence is a karmic imbalance that you must personally correct.

1. Create masterworks
2. Practice what you preach
3. Build to last
4. Take no shortcuts

1. Find Materials
Range: N/A; Target: material; Duration: [sum] hours
You learn the direction to the nearest source of a material that you can name or describe. If [dice] is 2 or greater, you also learn how large that source is.

2. Shape Metal
Range: touch; Target: N/A; Duration: [dice] minutes
Your hands can mold metal as if it was clay, or cut it like knives through butter.

3. Improve
Range: touch; Target: constructed item; Duration: [sum] minutes
Give the target item [dice] of the following bonuses of your choice:
- a Blacksmith bonus as Engineer (can choose multiple times)
- Change the special ability of a mundane weapon
- Halve the duration that a function of the item takes
- +1 to one function of the item (can choose multiple times, but not stack)

1. Acquire wealth
2. Flaunt your wealth
3. Protect your wealth
4. Compel others to acquire wealth

1. Command Coins
Range: [dice]*20ft; Target: all coins; Duration: [sum] turns
You have mental control over all coins within range. You can move them as you wish, so long as they stay within range. If you fling them rapidly as projectiles, they deal d4 damage to those hit by at least 1gp, stepped up once for every 10 coins you're hitting them with. If you use them to manipulate objects, they have Strength 4*[dice] and Dexterity 1. If you form them into a shield or armor, it gives +[dice] AC to whatever they're protecting. You can do [dice] things per turn with the coins.

2. Assay
Range: 200ft; Target: one thing; Duration: instant
You know how much the target is worth. If [dice] is 2 or more, you know how much you, personally, could sell it for. If [dice] is 3 or more, you know who made it and how. If [dice] is 4 or more, you know how much it will be worth at all points in the future.

3. Moneychange
Range: touch; Target: item, or creature with HD [dice] or less; Duration: instant
[sum]*5% of the target is rendered into the equivalent % of its value in coinage. If the target is a creature, it gets to save against this effect.

1. Follow your instincts
2. Embody the raw power of nature
3. Humble the mighty
4. There's no kill like overkill

1. Control Weather
Range: 1 mile; Target: the sky; Duration: [sum] minutes
Change the weather within the radius. You can call or banish any mundane, common weather. 2 or more dice lets you call or banish magical or regional weather. 3 or more dice makes it last [sum] hours. 4 or more dice lets you call natural disasters.

2. Lightning Bolt
Range: 200ft; Target: any; Duration: instant
Target takes [dice]d8 damage. If target is a creature, they get a save. If target is conductive, everything it touches also takes [dice]d8 damage.

3. Command Water
Range: [sum]*20ft; Target: all water; Duration: [sum] rounds
You have mental control over all water within range (no, blood doesn't count as water). You can move it as you wish, so long as it stays within range. If you use it to attack, it deals d4 damage, stepped up once for each gallon you're hitting them with. If you use it to manipulate objects, it has Strength 3*[dice] and Dexterity 6*[dice]. If you use it to make a shield, it steps down the damage of any attack passing through it. You can do [dice] things per turn with the water.

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