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Glitch Witch

The universe has rules. Discovering them is a task that archmages set their entire lives to. Once they're discovered, however, mages move on to the next rule, the next discovery, the next horizon. You know, however, that there's still so much work to be done. You take the hooks the mages have set in reality, and pull oh-so-gently, to twist the world to your designs. Perhaps you aren't so gentle. You slash at reality, hack it to your whims, pull it apart and insert your will between the cogs of the machine. The world is but words, and you are the author of its turning.

Glitch Witch
(a GLOG witch tradition, read this first)
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they just deleted the Wicked Glitch of the West and are following the Yellow-Striped Cable to find an installation wizard for .ozz files
image by Thomas Putnam
White Hat (d4 Work Die)
Perk: Ignore the first Attention you draw each day.

1. You can leave short comments on items and in areas. When the item is handled or area is stepped into, the message you left shimmers into view until the item is put down or area left.
2. You have an icon of authority that gives you a significant amount of magical clout. It works as authorization and a mark of accomplishment within magical groups and organizations.

Emblem Work: Resolve Conflict
Range: 10'; Target: a group of (sum) or fewer individuals participating in an ongoing conflict; Duration: (sum) rounds
Temporarily forcibly de-escalate a conflict. Swords are blunted, impacts are softened, even harsh words seem forgivable and minds seem swayable by mere reasonable persuasion. This effectively gives you a chance to start from a clean slate after things have gone wrong. If you piss the targets off again, however, they'll go right back to hostility. When the duration expires, the targets return to their previously hostile state. Doesn't work twice on the same target.

Grey Hat (d6 Work Die)
Perk: You can read the Universal Logs. You have a 1-day log of everything that's happened within 10' of you, whether you know about it or not, down to the resolution of specific actions and words. Consulting the logs takes a minimum of 10 minutes.
Drawback: Your mind is constantly racing to find more efficient solutions, whether or not they're a "good idea". You have disadvantage on Wisdom tests.

1. You can interface with arcanotechnological devices, even those from aeons long-past. On a witch level-in-6 you can identify their broad function, and the general use of any controls.
2. When you sleep, you enter a dreamstate where you can test out your items and abilities without limit on a simulated environment that matches the surrounding area. The dream doesn't replicate other characters or creatures, and you can't fall asleep in the dream.

Emblem Work: Edit Logs
Range: yes; Target: reality; Duration: (sum) minutes
Add/subtract/change (sum) words in the universal logs that you can read from the past (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D). This causes (dice) paradoxes, one when you cast this spell, and the rest at the end of the duration.

Black Hat (d8 Work Die)
Drawback: You can't prevent Attentions and must suffer the consequences of your actions.

1. Obscure your identity by decreasing your face's resolution. Your face appears as a pixelated blob, and can't be personally identified by onlookers.
2. You know of drop points in town where you can put items and recieve random possibly-useful items of similar value within the hour. Each time you do this at a particular drop point, its usefulness will drop, and you might be giving the items to people working against you.

Emblem Work: Hack the Planet
Range: variable; Target: variable; Duration: variable
Replicate the effect of a spell or Glitch Witch work of your choice. This also replicates the effect of another spell at random, targeted at you.

1. Clip
Range: touch; Target: creature or object; Duration: (sum) rounds
Target becomes intangible. If it shares a location with another object or creature at the end of the duration, each takes (sum) math damage as the universe sorts out where they're supposed to be.

2. Copy/Paste
Range: touch; Target: creature with (dice) or fewer HD, or object smaller than a head (1D)/person (2D)/horse (3D)/dragon (4D); Duration: (sum) minutes
Saves an image of target into your brain; can paste copies of target (sum) times during duration. Copies all last until the end of the duration. Copying a creature is lossy; pasted creatures take (sum)*(dice) math damage instantly and have (dice) mutations.

3. Deform Mesh
Range: 100'; Target: object or creature; Duration: (sum) rounds
Crudely stretch and squish up to (dice) parts of the target's shape up to (dice) sizes larger or smaller. This doesn't deal damage (the target continues to function somewhat normally even though their organs might now be half-size), though it can be supremely uncomfortable.

4. Hard Reboot
Range: touch; Target: creature; Duration: (sum) rounds
Target freezes up for (sum) rounds as they reset to however they were at the start of the day. This does one of the following of your choice, and (dice) random additional effects.
1. Heal all wounds suffered
2. Restore all lost HP
3. Return Stress to original value
4. Return conditions like magical effects or poisons to morning state
5. Erase all memories formed
6. Take (sum) psychic damage
7. Can't handle items that were picked up between day start and reboot until next day
8. Everyone else forgets interactions with target since day start

5. Loop
Range: 10'; Target: object or creature; Duration: see below
Target repeats its last (dice) actions. If they fail where they previously succeeded, or succeed where they previously failed, they break out of the loop. Every additional time you loop something, (dice)-in-6 of getting caught in the loop yourself.

6. Model Swap
Range: touch; Target: two objects or creatures; Duration: (sum) minutes
The targets swap bodies. They retain their own mental stats and abilities, but may not be able to use them properly. Inanimate objects that become possessed with people become animated; objects given minds act according to their nature (a shovel will want to dig, a crystal ball will want to predict the future, etc.) Two swapped objects will switch properties and magical abilities, but retain physical stats - for example, two swapped weapons will retain their damage die size, but switch weapon abilities and any magical properties.

7. Terminal Dump
Range: touch; Target: (sum)*10^(dice)' area; Duration: instant
A log of everything that's happened in the target area in the last (sum) minutes (1D)/days (2D)/years (3D)/ever (4D) is dumped into your brain. Gain (sum) stress whenever you try to sort through it to find something.

8. Typecast
Range: touch; Target: object or creature; Duration: (sum) minutes
Target physically appears as and gains (dice) abilities of a more specific subtype of target (like a sword becoming a rapier, or a fighter becoming a cavalier) until reality catches up. Every time the target does something that it couldn't do normally (i.e. that it gained from this ability), on a (dice)-in-6, decrease duration by 1 minute.

1. Bluescreen. You fall unconscious for (sum) rounds. Allies can wake you up early, but you'll take (sum) psychic damage.
2. System error. Part of your brain crashes. You can't use one of your ability scores (chosen at random) for the rest of the day. Restore it by moving resources over from your other stats, and taking disadvantage on all physical checks if it's a physical score, or mental checks if it's a mental score.
3. Null pointer. You can no longer interact with whatever you tried to Work, and it disappears from your (and only your) view. It returns after you daily rest. You can make it come back early by focusing entirely on fixing the error while taking a short rest.
4. Overload. Take (sum) math damage unless you step down your Work die for further Works you cast today.
5. Hacking duel! A rival Glitch Witch has taken notice of your skills, and wants to prove they're more elite than you. They'll set a time  and conditions for a duel, within the next 24 hours - if you no-show, you'll be blacklisted among local organizations that care about such things. Including the authorities.
6. Reality's antivirus wants you gone. Roll a Paradox unless you undo your Work and leave what you've done with it spotless before you next rest.

Losing Your Grip
1. You can't accept that others have better ideas than you. Either you need to convince yourself that it was actually your idea all along, or make enough of a contribution to the plan that you can call it yours.
2. You become incredibly paranoid. Anyone who's heard information about you can't be trusted. Everyone who walks by you on the street is a potential nefarious actor. Statistically, you know *someone* is out to get you, and obviously the only thing to do is to be forever on your guard.
3. Remove Strength from your sheet. You can no longer physically manipulate objects except through your Works and Signs.
4. You become a ghost in the machine, acting solely through terminal commands executed through the fabric of reality. You can't interact with people in any meaningful way; you've surpassed mortality entirely.

Wyrd Transports
Glitch Witches' Wyrd Transports aren't means of travel; rather, they're ways to avoid it. When you gain the Wyrd Transport feature, you can dub a suitable location as your lair and create a trinket that serves as a remote observer. While in your lair, you can cast your Works as if you were at your remote observer, and see and hear through it. The maximum number of Work Dice you can spend on Works cast through a remote observer is limited by your distance from the observer: 1 for anywhere in the same region, 2 for anywhere in the same city, 3 for within a city block, and 4 for anywhere in the lair or the building the lair is situated in.
Sample Lairs
1. Sewer bolthole
2. Relative's basement
3. Public library
4. Castle tower
5. Small business backroom
6. Abandoned warehouse

Math Wounds
0-4: Migraine. You get a splitting headache and have disadvantage on all mental saves.
5-9: Nerd-sniped. Whenever you would take an action, until you rest, save vs. working on the math problem to the exclusion of everything else.
10+: Number crunched. Your brain is crushed into a small ball by sheer weight of numbers and falls out your mouth.


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