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Mimics & Miscreants Optional Rules

Granular Leveling
Leveling in GLOGhacks happens slowly, if you want to pace the game in such a way that players don't cap out at 4 templates 8 sessions in. Here's some other stuff to reward them with, for a more granular leveling experience with a higher power cap:

1. Template A
2. Upgrade
3. Template B
4. Upgrade
5. Template C
6. Upgrade
7. Template D
8+. Random Upgrade

You can forego a Template to get 2 Upgrades. Remember, you have to level up in town, during a long rest.

1. Learn a new skill
2. +2 to an ability score
3. Step up a hit die
4. Learn a Stunt. It's now an effect you can apply to any attack you make, without Stunting.
5. Learn a new Spell/Miracle/Fighting Style/etc depending on your class
6. +1 Resource Die
7. Get 2 Contact Dice (as Jack) that won't regenerate
8. If you've found another version of the class that you like, you can grab an ability of approximate power level to your highest level template from that class
9. Have a prophetic dream that will lead you to useful treasure (adversity en route guaranteed)
10. Get an item related to your skills that you've been crafting in your free time.

Esoteric Elemental Wounds
Related image
everyone in this image later died of radiation poisoning
I stole a good chunk of these from Warframe. If you're dealing multiple kinds of elemental damage with an attack, you can deal these esoteric damage types instead.

Acid+Cold: Viral
0-4: Weakened. Roll hit dice with disadvantage.
5-9: Infected. Max HP reduced to 1 HD of HP, -4 CON.
10+: Contagion boils through you, haemhorraging every organ. Anyone who touches your corpse/fluids takes d6 Viral damage (save for half).

Acid+Electric: Corrosive
0-4: Rusted. -2 Armor, and lose a metal piece of armor.
5-9: Melted. Metal on your weapons melts away.
10+: Scoured. Your flesh melts away from your etched bones.

Acid+Fire: Gas
0-4: Blistered. Disadvantage on Dexterity rolls.
5-9: Suffocated. Your lungs are filled with something that definitely isn't oxygen. Save vs. unconsciousness.
10+: Engulfed. You blow away in the wind with the cloud that burns around you, leaving only your rusted metal gear behind.

Acid+Necrotic: Mutation
0-4: Warped. Gain a random mutation.
5-9: Twisted. Gain a random negative mutation.
10+: Devolved. Your flesh boils and twists as your bones liquefy. You die and become a gibbering mouther with HD equal to your level.

Acid+Psychic: Ooze
0-4: Sticky. You're engulfed in gluey paste. All your limbs stick together. Save to try to unstick each limb.
5-9: Liquefied. A random limb becomes ooze. Must save to manipulate with it.
10+: Oozeified. Your brain becomes an ooze and leaks out your nose.

Cold+Electric: Magnetic
0-4: Attraction. Random metal items within 10' fly towards you. Save vs. d4 bludgeoning damage.
5-9: Fusion. All metal items on your person fuse with your skin. Removing them deals d4 slashing damage (or d12, for armor).
10+: Crush. You're compressed into a dense beach-ball-sized bolus of undifferentiated matter.

Cold+Fire: Blast
0-4: Thrown. You're knocked down and 20' away in a random direction.
5-9: Splintered. As above, but also d6 random items on you break.
10+: Shattered. Your bones crack into shrapnel that shreds your skin and deals d4 slashing damage to everyone within 10' (save negates).

Cold+Necrotic: Entropy
0-4: Decayed. d4 items in your possession fall into disrepair. You have disadvantage when you use them.
5-9: Decrepitude. Age d20 years.
10+: Disintegration. You and all your possessions shrivel into dust and blow away in the wind.

Cold+Psychic: Soul
0-4: Unluck. Roll with disadvantage (save ends)
5-9: Drained. Lose a level and all benefits you gained from it.
10+: Enghastened. Your soul parts ways with your body and becomes a vengeful wight that knows only vengeance.

Electric+Fire: Radiant
0-4: Blinded. Lose your vision (save ends).
5-9: Irradiated. Gain d4 Stress and lose 2 points from a random ability score.
10+: Incinerated. Reduced to a blackened afterimage on the wall behind you.

Electric+Necrotic: Undeath
0-4: Mutiny. Your arm flails and makes an attack against you.
5-9: Rebellion. Lose a limb or organ, which animates into an undead that hates you.
10+: Reanimation. You're fried through, but your corpse continues to move with dreadful purpose under the command of whomever slew you.

Electric+Psychic: Thaumic
0-4: Spell Conductor. The next spell that hits you has max value for all dice.
5-9: Chaos Magnet. Roll on the Flux table at +2.
10+: Claimed By Magic. You're transubstantiated into raw magic and detonate in a flash of sigils. All spellcasters present learn a spell related to whom you were in life.

Fire+Necrotic: Infernal
0-4: Confession. In a strangled gasp, you recite your sins to all present. Gain d6 Stress.
5-9: Repentance. You lie prostrate babbling prayers (save ends). Gain d6 Stress.
10+: Go To Hell. Your soul is sucked straight to Hell with a devil's cackle, leaving nothing but a husk behind. Welcome to eternal damnation, population: you.

Fire+Psychic: Fever
0-4: Disrupted. You must save to take each action next turn.
5-9: Scrambled. Forget d3 pieces of important information, like spells or contacts.
10+: Brain-fried. Your brain explodes into chunks of gore. Anyone within 10' has to save vs. fear and/or nausea.

Necrotic+Psychic: Time
0-4: Deja vu. Save vs. taking the last action you took all over again.
5-9: Paradox. Roll on the Paradox table.
10+: Erased. You cease to have existed and are erased from the timestream entirely. Whenever anyone acknowledges you ever existed, they take d4 time damage.

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