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The Vault Hunter

I'm in maximum Borderlands 3 hype mode, and the murderhoboing of the Vault Hunters is exactly in line with the murderhoboing I want to encourage in my parties. Matt Mercer's Gunslinger can eat its heart out - you're here to shoot, you're here to loot, and nothing's gonna stand in your way.

Vault Hunter
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"Lemme explain how things work here: Vault Hunter shows up. Vault Hunter looks for the new vault. Vault Hunter gets killed. By me." - Handsome Jack, President of the Hyperion Corporation.

Level 1: Guns! Guns! Guns!, d6 Gun Die, One Cool Thing
Level 2: +d8 Gun Die, One Cool Upgrade
Level 3: +d10 Gun Die, One Cool Upgrade
Level 4: +d12 Gun Die, One Cool Upgrade, free Legendary Gun

Hit Die: d6
Starting Equipment: A gun (roll it like you looted it), another random weapon, anything else you absolutely 100% need for your One Cool Thing
Skills (d3): 1. Badassery, 2. Looting, 3. Shooting

Guns! Guns! Guns!: Your loot drops in the form of outlandish guns. Whenever you'd loot something or someone, on a Vault Hunter level-in-6, they drop a gun. No one besides you can use or even interact with these guns; they dematerialize if you don't take them. You can carry a number of guns on your person equal to 1+Vault Hunter level. Roll a d6 to find out what kind of gun it is, then roll all your Gun Dice on the Gun Traits table.

One Cool Thing: Pick one ability another class gets, at any level. If it needs resource dice or some other requirement, you have the minimum needed to use it, and can't get more. To activate it, roll a 5+ on your Gun Die; if you succeed, next time it's a 6+, then a 7+, etc. If it's a passive ability, it lasts for minutes equal to your roll. Whenever you take a Vault Hunter level, you can upgrade your One Cool Thing in one of the following ways.

One Cool Upgrade
1. Can't Touch This: Once a day, when you activate your One Cool Thing, get an extra hit die. Roll it, gain that much HP. This HP and HD expire at the end of the day.
2. Cool Rules Everything Around Me: Your One Cool Thing becomes a 10' radius aura.
3. EXPLOSIONS!!!: Things you affect with your One Cool Thing explode like a grenade for Gun Die Firearm damage. If you take it again, add an Elemental damage type of your choice.
4. Mutant Master: Roll a Mutation on the Spell Mutation table. It applies to your One Cool Thing.
5. My Buddy, My Buddy, and Me: Your allies can each use your One Cool Thing once per day if they're within line of sight of you.
6. No Kill Like Overkill: Whenever you kill something without using your One Cool Thing, you can roll your Gun Die. On a 5+, regenerate a resource die for your One Cool Thing.
7. Power Hungry: Get an extra Resource Die or other requirement for your One Cool Thing.
8. Take The Shot: When you Stunt while your One Cool Thing is active, you can automatically succeed by making a Gun Die roll of 5+.
9. What's Up, Danger?: If you're at or below 0 HP, you have advantage on rolls for your One Cool Thing once you've activated it.
10. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet: While your One Cool Thing is active, you have +4 to one ability score (chosen when you pick this upgrade).

Gun Type (d6)
1. Pistol: d6 ranged firearm damage, concealable under clothes, needs reload on 18+ to-hit
2. Sub-Machine Gun: d6 ranged firearm damage, on 6+ damage can attack again, needs reload on 16+ to-hit
3. Shotgun: d10 ranged firearm damage, step down damage die for every move target is away, two-handed, needs reload on 11+ to-hit
4. Assault Rifle: d8 ranged firearm damage, counts as dual-wielding for multiple attacks, two-handed, needs reload on 16+ to-hit
5. Sniper Rifle: d10 ranged firearm damage, can't be dodged, two-handed, always needs reload
6. Rocket Launcher: d10 ranged firearm damage, 10' blast radius, scatters as grenade, two-handed, always needs reload
Reloading takes an Attack action.

Firearm Wounds
0-4: Holed. You blow a hole in them. They save vs. taking another d6 damage, and save vs. taking another d3 ongoing damage each turn until they succeed.
5-9: Blasted. You blow a very large hole in their d10: 1. Eye, 2. Ear, 3. Jaw, 4. Lung, 5. Guts, 6. Arm, 7. Hand, 8. Leg, 9. Foot, 10. Head.
10+: Shot Down. You reduce them to bloody shreds. They die screaming.

Gun Traits (d6/d8/d10/d12)
1. You can hit stationary, inanimate targets without rolling.
2. Damage dice explode on max damage.
3. Bullets pierce enemies on max damage.
4. Can be Reloaded as a move action instead of an attack action.
5. Step up damage die.
6. Deal elemental damage in addition to firearm damage, roll on the Elemental Damage table to see what type.
7. Roll damage with advantage.
8. You can throw it as a Grenade to reload. A new copy materializes in your hand.
9. Roll an additional damage die.
10. Fires anything as ammo.
11. Roll 2d10 on this table.
12. Roll a d20 on the Legendary Guns table.

Elemental Damage (d6)
1. Acid
2. Cold
3. Electric
4. Fire
5. Psychic
6. Necrotic

Legendary Guns (d20)
1. Always crits inanimate objects and makes them explode into d6 damage shrapnel of a relevant damage type.
2. At the beginning of each combat round, you get to shoot someone with this gun for free.
3. Bullets home in on enemies. If they miss this round, they'll Dodge the enemy and come around for another go on your next turn.
4. Can charge gun instead of firing it for up to 3 rounds. Each round you charge it, you can have it either deal elemental damage, or add an additional damage die. Roll the elemental damage type when you get this trait.
5. Creates a black hole of bullets that draws in everything within 50' at a rate of 10' per round. Everything within the 10' event horizon of the hole can't interact with anything outside the event horizon, and takes damage as if they were hit by this gun each round. Dissipates in d6 rounds.
6. Every shot deals a different random elemental damage type.
7. Fuses with another gun you own of the same Gun Type and gets its Gun Traits too. Can't be unfused, but you can pick what it fuses with.
8. Has legs! Will run around as a pet and attack people of its own volition. Attacks enemies, but otherwise won't really follow orders.
9. Integrates into your arm. Becomes part of you, and can reload by dealing d4 necrotic damage to you.
10. Is a flamethrower (or an acid-sprayer, or a frost-thrower, or a tesla-blaster, etc). Give it an elemental damage type, and it deals damage in a cone.
11. Is a targeting beam for an orbital laser. Doesn't deal any damage of its own, but in d6 rounds, a beam from the sky immolates the area you pointed the gun for (Gun Type damage die) of each elemental damage type. Works once/day.
12. Is two of the gun stapled together. Makes two attacks each time you fire it.
13. Morphic. Every time you shoot it, it becomes a new gun type. Keeps the same traits.
14. Raises the enemies it kills as undead who fight for you until combat ends.
15. Shoots bees that sting the target, then amalgamate into a larger swarm that flies around the battlefield attacking indiscriminately. Each bee steps up the swarm damage die. Bees leave when combat ends.
16. Shoots smaller guns. Also makes a basic attack of the Gun Type below it on the Gun Type table.
17. Shots encase the target in an elemental damage aura that deals d4 damage to them and everything within 10' each turn (save ends).
18. Wounds for double value (if you'd deal a Wound 3, you instead deal a Wound 6. If you deal a Wound 5+, you instakill).
19. Roll 6d10 on the Gun Traits table. Figure out how the traits stack if you roll duplicates.
20. Roll twice on this table.

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