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Mimics & Miscreants Spell List

I've been workshopping spell lists for M&M for a long time, and I think I've finally made one I'm satisfied with. It's 50 levelless GLOG-formatted spells (so invest a number of d6s as (dice) and roll them for (sum)), and they come from all over D&D and the deepest recesses of my muddied psyche. They all have broad utility, or are in some way iconic. At some point I want to expand this list with weirder stuff, but the basics are more than enough.
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d50 Random Spells

1. Fire
2. Water
3. Rock
4. Air
5. Ice
6. Lightning
7. Acid
8. Ooze
9. Radiance
10. Shadow
11. Metal
12. Flesh
13. Sand
14. Wood
15. Fungus
16. Crystal
17. Magic
18. Poison
19. Paper
20. Ectoplasm
1. Wolf
2. Cat
3. Elephant
4. Crow
5. Rat
6. Spider
7. Octopus
8. Shark
9. Crab
10. Snake
11. Frog
12. Ant
13. Wasp
14. Deer
15. Cow
16. Alligator
17. Chameleon
18. Amoeba
19. Tyrannosaurus
20. Mimic

1. Alter Emotions
Range: 100'; Target: up to (sum) HD of creatures; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Induce a strong emotion like calm, anger, sadness, etc. Targets must save vs. being distracted by the emotion, though they still feel it if they succeed.

2. Alter Gravity
Range: 100'; Target: (sum)*10' radius sphere; Duration: (dice) minutes
You can alter the direction and speed of gravity in the area from 0 to (dice) times normal. Gravity greater than normal increases encumbrance by that many times, and any change requires everyone in the area to save to maintain their footing.

3. Animal Traits
(choose an animal when you learn this spell)
Range: self/touch; Target: (dice) creatures; Duration: (dice) hours
Give targets (dice) of the animal's physical traits or abilities. Spider Traits lets you give spider climb, web-spinning, venom, etc, Cat Traits lets you give darkvision, enhanced smell, etc, Shark Traits lets you give water breathing, natural slashing bite attack, electroreception, etc. Natural weapons deal d6 damage of an appropriate type, stepped up once per extra die.

4. Animate Object
Range: touch; Target: (dice) objects; Duration: (sum) rounds of strenuous activity, or (sum) minutes
Targets become 1HD creatures that can move under their own power. Make Charisma tests to command them. They're about as smart as a trained dog, and can talk.

5. ...ball
(choose a substance when you learn this spell)
Range: 100'; Target: (sum)*5' radius sphere; Duration: instant
Deal sum+dice damage of a relevant type to everything in the target sphere (save for half). Scatters (dice)d6*5' in a random direction.

6. Blight
Range: touch; Target: object or creature; Duration: instant
Targets take (dice)*3 necrotic damage, and show physical signs of aging (-(dice) STR/DEX/CON, counts as a wound). Objects are aged by (sum) days (1D)/months (2D)/years (3D)/decades (4D).

7. ...bolt
(choose a substance when you learn this spell)
Range: 100'; Target: object or creature; Duration: instant
Deal sum+dice damage of a relevant type (save for half) and inflict a Wound (1) of that damage type.

8. Cloud of ...
(choose a substance when you learn this spell)
Range: adjacent; Target: (sum)*(dice)*10' radius sphere; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Create a cloud of gaseous (substance). You can change its shape as an action. It obscures vision, has relevant effects depending on the substance, and you may have it deal (dice) damage of a relevant type per turn to anyone within it.

9. Contact Greater Power
(choose a specific greater power when you learn this spell)
Range: self; Target: powerful being; Duration: 1 hour
For the duration, you enter a trance and commune with an angel, a djinn, a star, your mentor, the pope, or another similarly powerful being. You may ask it (dice) questions. It will answer them to the best of its ability (though cryptically), then require a favor. That favor will be proportionate to the implications of answering your question. You cannot cast this spell again until you have fulfilled your end of the bargain.

10. Counterspell
Range: sight; Target: spell; Duration: instant
Roll a d10, stepped down once for each die beyond the first, on the Counter table.
1. Fizzled. The spell winks out of existence, never to be seen again.
2. Redirected. Point the spell at a new target of your choice.
3. Frozen. The spell is trapped just beyond the caster's fingertips. Anyone who touches it suffers its effects. It disappears in d6 rounds.
4. Illusory. It looks like the spell happened, but it's really just an illusion.
5. Delayed. The spell will take effect in d6 rounds, at the location of the original target.
6. Premature. The spell goes off at some point before it reaches its target.
7. Deflected. The spell changes to a new target at random.
8. Drained. The spell loses 1 die of potency.
9. Transmuted. The spell becomes another spell at random.
10. Mutated. Roll a Spell Mutation for the spell; you make any decisions needed for it.

11. Darkness
Range: 100'; Target: (sum)*10' radius sphere; Duration: (sum) minutes
Create a globe of utter darkness. Natural light cannot penetrate it; magical lighting is dimmed to 1/10th of its radius.

12. Detect/Locate ...
(choose something to be able to detect/locate when you learn this spell, like magic, anger, precious metals, elves, etc.)
Range: self; Target: (sum)*10^(dice)' radius area; Duration: instant
Learn how many things of the chosen type are within the area. On (dice)>2, you can name a specific creature/object/instance of the chosen type. Learn the direction to it, and if it's within range, also learn the distance to it.

13. Dispel Magic
Range: 10'; Target: magical effect or creature; Duration: (sum) rounds
The magical effect ceases for the duration, then returns as if no time has passed. If you dispel a creature, it temporarily loses (dice) supernatural abilities. You may pick 1, the rest are lost at random.

14. Enlarge/Shrink
Range: 10'; Target: object or creature; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Target increases or decreases dice size categories. In addition to the obvious effects, step up the damage and hit dice of enlarged creatures by 1 per size category, and step them down for shrunken creatures. Scale HP to match.

15. Floating Disc
Range: touch; Target: 5' diameter disc; Duration: (dice) hours
A floating disk springs into existence beside you. It floats between an inch and 6' above the floor, stays within 10' of you, and can hold up to (dice)*500 lbs. You can direct its movement.

16. ... Form
(choose a substance when you learn this spell)
Range: self/touch; Target: creature; Duration: (sum) minutes
You become a roughly-humanoid conglomeration of the chosen substance. You have (dice) of the substance's useful properties of your choice (e.g. Air Form can fly, be transparent, be intangible, etc.; Iron Form can be incredibly tough, worked into useful shapes, magnetic, etc.), and your unarmed attacks deal a relevant damage type, stepped up once for each die beyond the first. You are weak to anything the substance is weak to, and are always crit by those damage types.

17. Fuse
Range: self/touch; Target: two items or creatures; Duration: (sum) minutes (1D)/hours (2D)/days (3D)/years (4D)
Take two items smaller than a head (1D)/a person (2D)/a wagon (3D)/a house (4D) or creature with HD <= (dice) (or an item and a creature) and combine them into a new whole with (dice) useful properties from each. Unwilling creatures get a save on cast and each time interval, and fused creatures must either share the new body or fight with each other for it (roll INT or WIS or CHA (mind's choice), high roller takes control each time interval).

18. Haste
Range: self/touch; Target: (dice) objects or creatures; Duration: (sum) rounds
Targets move at up to 1*(dice) speed. Hastened creatures go before non-hastened creatures in initiative order.

19. Hold
Range: 100'; Target: (dice) objects or creatures; Duration: (sum) rounds
Targets stop moving. Unwilling targets get a save each round. This doesn't deal damage by rapid deceleration (unless you want it to).
20. Illusion
Range: 100'; Target: (sum)*10' radius sphere; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
You create an illusion of whatever you want. It has one sensory property per die (e.g. 1D can make a sound or a silent image, 2D can make a silent image that creates the illusion of solidity (but isn't solid), etc). You can move the illusion within range.

21. Intangibility
Range: self/touch; Target: object or creature; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Target becomes shimmery and mostly intangible. It can pass through solid surfaces. Step down damage taken and dealt (dice) times. Unwilling targets get a save each time interval.

22. Invisibility
Range: self/touch; Target: object or creature; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Target becomes invisible. Unwilling targets get a save each round. Save to stay invisible when attacking.

23. Knock/Lock
Range: touch; Target: object or creature; Duration: instant (knock)/(sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D) (lock)
Knock - Object is opened. Doors are flung wide, locks are broken, shackles are bent open, belts come undone, worn armor falls off if the wearer fails a save. Creatures must save or vomit.
Lock - Object closes and can't be opened nonmagically (can still be destroyed). Works on things beyond doors, like swords in scabbards, armor, creature's mouths. Creatures get a save each time interval.

24. Levitate
Range: self/touch; Target: (dice) objects or creatures; Duration: (sum) minutes
Targets float up to (sum)*5' above the ground. You can move them (sum)*10' per round. You can let creatures move independently. Unwilling targets get a save each round.

25. Light
Range: 100'; Target: point; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Create magical light that illuminates within (sum)*10'. If in same space as a creature, can blind them (save negates, save ends). Can move the light within range.

26. Mage Hand
Range: 10'; Target: point; Duration: (sum) minutes
Create a spectral floating hand that can manipulate items within range. It is intangible when you want it to be. You can have multiple hands active at once. For each die, you can increase the size of the hand and step up the damage of its unarmed attacks.

27. Magic Circle
Range: touch; Target: (dice)*10' radius circle; Duration: until erased
Inscribe a circle with an ink/chalk/implement of your choice. Things with certain properties cannot enter or leave the circle. You can choose (sum) properties. Each property can be (dice) words long.

28. Magic Missile
Range: 100'; Target: up to (sum) objects or creatures; Duration: instant
Deal (sum) bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage (your choice) divided as you choose between the targets.

29. Message
Range: sight; Target: up to (sum) creatures; Duration: instant
Send a message of up to (sum) short sentences to each target. Each target can respond with a message if you let them.

30. Permanency
Range: 10'; Target: magical effect; Duration: instant
Target effect lasts for its maximum duration. If you cast this spell with 3+ dice, the effect becomes permanent. Dispel Magic can de-Permanency an effect.

31. Polymorph
Range: self/touch; Target: creature; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Target becomes a different creature. The HD of the creature can be up to (dice) HD greater than the target. Target retains all of their mental characteristics. Unwilling targets get a save, and an additional save each time interval.
32. Prismatic Orb
Range: 100'; Target: point; Duration: (sum) rounds
Create a glowing rainbow orb that fires (dice) beams at random targets within 10' each round. You can move the orb 30' per round. Roll a d10 for the effect of each beam.
Beam Effects
1. Red. Target takes sum fire damage (save for half).
2. Orange. Target takes sum bludgeoning damage and is knocked down (save negates).
3. Yellow. Target takes sum lightning damage, (save for half).
4. Green. Target takes sum acid damage, (save for half).
5. Blue. Target takes sum cold damage, (save for half).
6. Indigo. Target takes sum psychic damage and gains d6 Stress (save negates).
7. Violet. Target takes sum necrotic damage and is blinded for sum rounds (save negates).
8. Octarine. Target takes sum esoteric (roll two elemental damage types and combine) damage and suffers a Wound 1 (save negates).
9. Struck twice. Roll a d6 twice.
10. Struck thrice. Roll a d6 three times.

33. Protection From ...
(choose a descriptor when you learn this spell)
Range: self/touch; Target: (dice) creatures; Duration: (sum) minutes
Target cannot be willingly touched by creatures of the descriptor, and has advantage on saves and defense rolls against effects and attacks with that descriptor. You can add a qualifier or similar descriptor for each die beyond the first.

34. Raise Dead
Range: touch; Target: once-living object or corpse; Duration: (sum) minutes (1D)/hours (2D)/days (3D)/months (4D)
The target returns to a facsimile of its living form, and becomes (dice) HD divided between up to (dice) separate creatures. Each undead created this way has abilities based on its form. You can break up corpses this way, like into a flesh blob and a skeleton, or a skinwraith and nerve-jellyfish. You can control up to (level)*2 HD of undead at once.

35. Read Mind/Object
Range: touch; Target: creature or object; Duration: instant
You can ask (dice) short questions about the target creature's current mental state or the target object's history, and the GM will answer truthfully, if cryptically. Creatures get saves against future casts at equal or lesser (sum)s after the first time you read their mind.

36. Regenerate/Mending
Range: touch; Target: creature or object; Duration: instant
Regenerate - Heal a wound of (sum) or lower. Consumes (dice) of the target's HD for the day (won't work if target has fewer HD left). At 4 or more dice, can heal fatal wounds if regenerated within 3 rounds.
Mending - Repair a shattered item. You need 1/(sum) of the item. Can't Mend different pieces of the item into multiple copies. Doesn't restore lost magical properties.

37. Scry
Range: city (1D)/region (2D)/continent (3D)/world (4D); Target: point; Duration: (sum) minutes
Observe from a point that you have seen (or that you can describe with enough accuracy to convince magic that you have seen) as if you were physically there. You can't move the observation point. Magic-users can tell that someone is scrying them if their level is equal to or greater than (dice).

38. Shape/Control ...
(choose a substance when you learn this spell)
Range: touch; Target: substance; Duration: (sum) rounds
Manipulate a chunk of the chosen substance the size of a head (1D)/a person (2D)/a wagon (3D)/a house (4D). You can do (dice) things with it per round. If it's part of a creature, they get a save whenever you try to do something with it.

39. Shatter
Range: 100'; Target: item, construct, or undead; Duration: instant
Deal (sum) bludgeoning damage to target in an explosion of shrapnel that shreds other nearby unnatural items and creatures, dealing (sum)/2 piercing damage. This effect chains up to (dice) times from items that the shrapnel destroys.

40. Sleep
Range: 100'; Target: (sum) HD of creatures; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
All targets save vs. falling asleep. When they take damage, or each time interval (if their HD > (dice)), they get an additional save.

41. Speak With ...
(choose a thing to be able to speak with when you learn this spell. it doesn't need to be inherently capable of speech)
Range: 10'; Target: (dice) things of the chosen type; Duration: (sum) minutes
The targets become NPCs that you can talk with. They'll be willing to talk, but not necessarily friendly, or truthful.

42. Spellify
Range: touch; Target: see below; Duration: (sum) hours
Turn an item the size of a head (1D)/a person (2D)/a wagon (3D)/a house (4D) or creature (with HD <= (dice)) into raw magic and engrave it into your brain as a spell. Casting the spell creates the item's effect or the creature's abilities, scaling with (dice) - for example, casting Greataxe deals (dice)d12 slashing damage to a target in melee, or casting Goblin distracts and confuses up to (dice) creatures (a different Goblin might create an awful smell, or deal (dice)d6 piercing bite damage that infects the target, depending on the source goblin's proclivities). You can't cast this spell while you've Spellified something with it (but if you've got multiple Spellifies prepared, you can Spellify something with each of them). At the end of the duration, the target remanifests next to you, and if it's a creature it's angry. If you've got a creature in your head, every hour, roll a d4, stepped up once for each die beyond the first, for Reverse Possession.
Reverse Possession
1-2. Sedate. Nothing happens.
3. Frisky. Another spell in your brain mutates and mixes with the spell.
4. Belligerent. Make a save or have disadvantage on mental rolls for the next hour.
5. Restless. It casts itself at something of its choice.
6. Possessive. The spell gets control of you for the next hour. If multiple Spellified creatures all get this result, they share your body, which is exactly as bad as it sounds.
7. Demanding. The spell blackmails you. Do something it wants or it gets control of you for the rest of the duration.
8. Mutating. Both you and the spell gain a mutation (the spell gets a Spell Mutation, you just get a regular one). Save against the mutation being permanent at the end of the duration.
9. Trapped. The spell gets control of you indefinitely and does not disappear at the end of the duration. You get a save at the start of each day to cast out the spell.
10+. The Spellified creature bursts out of your brain fully-formed and very hungry. You detonate in a shower of gore, and all the other spells in your brain are instantly cast as well.

43. Spell Glyph
Range: touch; Target: things that interact with the glyph; Duration: until erased
Inscribe a magical glyph on a surface or page. This inscription is complicated and takes (sum) minutes. It contains another spell that you know that will be triggered when a set of conditions that you define are met. It uses the (dice) and (sum) values for this spell. When the glyph triggers, it's erased unless you succeed on a (dice)-in-6 chance. You can't change the conditions without rewriting the spell. If you learn this spell at character creation, the GM might (in their infinite generosity and wisdom) let you learn an attached spell that you can only inscribe as a glyph until you learn it in another way.

44. Suggestion/Command
Range: earshot; Target: (dice) creatures that can understand you; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Issue a command of up to (sum) words. The targets try to obey it to the best of their ability, without harming themselves (if they have HD > (dice), they get a save).

45. Summon Creature
Range: 10'; Target: summoned creature; Duration: (sum) hours (days with true name)
You draw a summoning circle to summon an outsider from the veil that shrouds the worlds. This takes 1 hour per HD of the creature (max HD = (dice)*2). When you summon it, roll under your Intelligence minus the summon's HD to bind it. If you succeed, you can give it (sum) commands. If you tie or fail, consult (sum) result on the Disrupted Summons table. It will follow the letter of your commands, unless they align with its agenda, in which case it will follow the spirit. With a number of unique symbolically important items equal to the summon's HD, you can choose one of its traits, or add an additional random trait from a table of your choice. Items used this way are consumed. With a creature's true name, you can summon and bind it reliably.
Disrupted Summons
0-2: Summon will only do things if they directly help its agenda, will obstruct you from defying its agenda
3-4: Summon is beholden to someone other than the summoner, picks random person within HD*1000' to control it
5-6: Must trade favors of equal value with summon in order to command it, otherwise it does what it wants
7-8: Summon breaks free, instantly uses its power as much as possible, then explodes for HD (substance) damage to onlookers (save for half).
9-10: Summon breaks free, is hostile, wants something from you and will threaten you for its services
11+: Summon breaks free, is hostile, wants to return to the comfort of the void at all costs and punish you for your transgressions.

Summon Tables
Summons have a Form, a Substance, a Feature, a Power, and an Agenda. Summons begin with 10 in each ability score (modified by Form), HD based on their form, HP equal to the max of their HD+CON mod, AC based on their substance, and a d6 substance damage melee attack. When a Summon evolves, or for each HD it has, add all the stuff it gets from its new Form/Substance/Feature/Power to what it already has, even if that weakens it in some ways.

Form (d20)
1. Amphibian: +4 DEX, +4 CON, d6 HD, can swim, can jump long distances
2. Bird: +4 DEX, +4 INT, d4 HD, can fly
3. Blob: +4 STR, +4 CON, d6 HD, fits through small spaces
4. Cat: +4 DEX, +4 INT, d6 HD, can climb
5. Cephalopod: +4 CHA, +4 WIS, d6 HD, can swim
6. Cloud: +4 INT, +4 WIS, d4 HD, floats/flies, can pass through obstacles
7. Crustacean: +4 STR, +4 WIS, d8 HD, can swim, can't run
8. Dog: +4 CON, +4 CHA, d6 HD, strong sense of smell
9. Draconid: +4 STR, +4 CHA, d6 HD, can glide
10. Golem: +4 STR, +4 CON, d8 HD, can't run
11. Insect: +4 DEX, +4 CON, d4 HD, can fly
12. Obelisk: +4 STR, +4 INT, d6 HD, hovers HD' above ground
13. Reptile: +4 CON, +4 WIS, d6 HD, +2 AC
14. Rodent: +4 DEX, +4 CHA, d4 HD, very small and evasive, can jump long distances
15. Shark: +4 STR, +4 DEX, d6 HD, smells blood, can swim
16. Snake: +4 DEX, +4 CHA, d6 HD, slithers stealthily and through small spaces
17. Sphere: +4 CON, +4 INT, d6 HD, hovers HD' above ground
18. Spider: +4 DEX, +4 WIS, d4 HD, can spin webs, can climb
19. Spirit: +4 INT, +4 CHA, d4 HD, can become intangible to terrain
20. Tree: +4 CON, +4 WIS, d8 HD, lots of branch-arms but can't move under own power

Substance (d20; attack damage type, ability, AC, weaknesses)
1. Blood: deals acid damage, weak to cold and necrotic damage. Resists physical damage, restores 1 HP on hit.
2. Bone: deals random physical damage, weak to bludgeoning damage. Healed by necrotic damage.
3. Chitin: deals random physical damage, weak to piercing damage. +2 AC, resists bludgeoning and slashing damage.
4. Crystal: deals electric damage, weak to bludgeoning damage. +4 AC, can store and cast a spell of HD dice or smaller as a scroll
5. Fire: deals fire damage, weak to cold damage. -4 AC, resists physical damage, leaves flaming trail.
6. Flesh: deals psychic, weak to necrotic. +HD size HP.
7. Fungus: deals random physical, weak to fire. Ignores wounds of 4 or less.
8. Fur: deals random physical, weak to fire. resists all other elemental.
9. Iron: deals random physical, weak to all elemental. +8 AC, resists physical.
10. Lightning: deals electric. -4 AC, rolls a 1 on all HD, can teleport within line of sight
11. Ooze: deals acid, weak to slashing. Resists bludgeoning and piercing, can squeeze through small gaps, separate self into HD+1 autonomous pieces (still only gets 1 attack per round)
12. Plant: deals slashing, weak to fire. +2 AC, can spend HD to restore HP during combat as short rest
13. Poison: deals necrotic, weak to psychic. Targets take d4 ongoing necrotic each minute (save ends, failed save steps up die size).
14. Radiance: deals fire and electric, weak to cold and necrotic. Has 120' ranged attack, glows in 10' radius.
15. Rock: deals bludgeoning, weak to acid. +6 AC
16. Scale: deals random physical, weak to acid. +4 AC.
17. Shadow: deals necrotic, weak to electric. -4 AC, can step between shadows in line of sight.
18. Soul: deals psychic, weak to psychic. Can read the minds of those it touches for HD minutes after touching them.
19. Water: deals cold, weak to electric. Can flow through small gaps and change size 1 category larger or smaller.
20. Wind: deals cold. Resists physical, rolls a 1 on all HD, can fly.

Feature (d20; roll a substance for the feature, feature adds capabilities modified by the its substance)
1. Arms: two d6 substance damage grapple attacks
2. Blades: step up base damage die, attack can deal choice of slashing or feature substance or base substance damage
3. Bones: gain substance's weaknesses and abilities, healed by substance damage
4. Claws: step up attack damage dice, other attacks also deal substance damage
5. Eyes: d6 substance damage 60' ranged attack, darkvision, gain substance's weaknesses
6. Fangs: d6 substance damage bite attack, d6 substance damage 20' ranged spit attack
7. Hair: can switch between substance damage types and weaknesses each round
8. Hands: anything it picks up (or throws) deals substance damage
9. Horns: d6 substance damage push attack, can make this attack in addition to other attacks
10. Jaw: d8 substance damage bite attack
11. Legs: double speed, d6 substance damage push attack
12. Patterns: can switch between substance abilities and weaknesses each round
13. Shell: +2 AC, resist substance damage
14. Skin: use substance's abilities, damage type, and weaknesses instead of main substance's until wounded
15. Spines: melee attackers save vs. taking d6 substance damage
16. Surrounding it: anyone in 10' saves vs. taking d4 substance damage, leaves trail of substance
17. Tail: d6 substance damage melee attack, target saves vs. knockdown
18. Tentacles: three d4 substance damage attacks with reach or one d6 substance damage grapple attack with reach
19. Torso: gain substance's abilities
20. Wings: can fly, gain substance's weaknesses and abilities

Power (3d6)
3. changes substance every time you summon it
4. has an anti-magic aura, magic effects within 20' save vs. being dispelled
5. can summon HD more of its kind (unevolved) with HD 1, without this ability
6. can phase in/out of reality, when phased out pass through walls but not attacks, 3-in-6 chance of not being noticed
7. can levitate itself and objects around it within 20'
8. has a paralyzing gaze, on eye contact with target they save vs. paralysis for HD rounds
9. knows a random miracle, invoke as level HD Cleric
10. controls its substance in 20' radius
11. knows a random spell, cast as level HD wizard
12. is a size category larger, +CON HP and step up damage dice
13. knows a random Adept fighting style
14. moves faster than the eye can see, run three times a turn
15. can regenerate 1 HP per round
16. gets an extra turn at the start of the round
17. can wield tools and weapons, knows a random Fighter fighting style
18. has HD levels in a random class

Agenda (d20)
1. To destroy
2. To create
3. To protect
4. To reproduce
5. To consume
6. To accumulate
7. To conquer
8. To sacrifice
9. To seek out
10. To manipulate
11. To survive
12. To enjoy itself
13. To profit
14. To love
15. To serve
16. To die
17. To make friends
18. To escape
19. To deceive
20. Roll two, it wants both

46. Summon Object
Range: self; Target: summoned object; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Summon an item. You get (sum) words to describe it with. It can't be larger than a head (1D)/a person (2D)/a wagon (3D)/a house (4D).

47. Teleport
Range: (sum)*10^(dice)'; Target: (dice) creatures or objects; Duration: instant (portals last (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D))
You teleport the target to a point you can see, have been to, or can describe as if you'd been there within range. At 3+ dice, you can create a pair of portals linking the two locations. Anyone can use them.

48. Transmute ... to ...
(choose two substances when you learn this spell)
Range: touch; Target: either chosen substance; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Turn a chunk of one of the chosen substances the size of a head (1D)/a person (2D)/a wagon (3D)/a house (4D) into the other. It turns back at the end of the duration.

49. Wall of ...
(choose a substance when you learn this spell)
Range: 10'; Target: wall; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
You conjure a wall of the chosen substance, up to (sum)*10' long, 1' thick, and 10' high. It extrudes from a surface, and anything that'd be in the way gets a save to jump out of the way.

50. Web
Range: 100'; Target: (sum)*10' radius area; Duration: (sum) rounds (1D)/minutes (2D)/hours (3D)/days (4D)
Cover the target area in sticky webs. Creatures in the area are tangled and must save to move. The web has (dice)*10 HP, is destroyed at 0, and is weak to fire and slashing damage.

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