Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ninjas Slay Free

The final member of the trio of shooter protagonists turned GLOG classes! Joining their illustrious comrades (the Doom Guy and the Vault Hunter), come the infamous murderers of clones and capitalists and mutants by the million, impeccably dressed, motivated solely by the promise of ridiculous weaponry...

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by Kevin Yeo
"Excellent armaments, Operator. Please return c̱͚̮̻̩̟͈o̴̤̙͚̺̬v̻̻ͧͣͫ̀̆̇ḛ̸̲̳̻̥̐r̗͔̲̖͔ͥ͐̓͒ͪ̏̆͘e̲ͬͩͤḑ͔͕̗ ̵͈͑͛́̾i͇̬͙̥̖ͨ̾͟n̶̬̦͔̔ͮ̉ ͈̞͌b̵͓͚͓̳̲ͮ̾͂ͯ̚l̶͈̞̗̪͈̰̊o̥̺̤̙̦͓̐̎ͨ̑͊ͤ̌́o̬̝ͣ̍̒͌̇dͥ̂ͣ͑̑ safe and sound."

Level 1: Exosuit, Void Power, 2 Void Dice
Level 2: Modding, Void Power, +1 Void Die, 2 Mod Slots
Level 3: Prime Armory, Void Power, +1 Void Die, +2 Mod Slots
Level 4: Fashion Frame, Void Power, +1 Void Die, +2 Mod Slots

Hit Die: d6
Starting Items: Random gun, melee weapon of choice, scarf or other fashionable accessory
Skills (d6)
1. Acrobatics
2. Dueling
3. Foraging
4. Philosophy
5. Stealth
6. Xenobiology

Exosuit: You wield a Warframe, a suit of powered armor that you cannot remove. It gives you incredible power and agility. You have Armor 4, but cannot wear other armor except as decoration. You can jump as high as you can move, and climb and cling to vertical surfaces.

Void Power: When you gain a Void Power, pick a spell. You can cast it at dice equal to the Warframe level you took it at. Expend Void Dice (d6s) to cast Void Powers. Whenever you kill an enemy, on a (Warframe level)-in-6, a Void Die regenerates. They also all regenerate on long rests.

Modding: You can modify your Warframe and your weapons. Gain 2 mods at random from each of the Frame and Weapon lists. You can find more on the corpses of your fallen foes. You have a number of Mod Slots; you can have that many mods equipped across all of your gear (so if you have 2 Mod Slots, you can (for example) put 1 mod on your Frame and 1 on your melee weapon, or 2 on your Frame, or 1 on a gun and one on a sword, etc.). No more than 2 mods per piece of equipment. You can mod anyone else's gear, but Frame mods only work on Warframes.

Frame Mods
1. Vitality: +1 HD
2. Steel Fiber: +2 Armor
3. Reflection: Step up HD size
4. Continuity: Roll an extra die for Duration
5. Stretch: Roll an extra die for Targets
6. Flow: +1 Void Die, but it's a d4
7. Intensify: Reroll 1s on Void Dice
8. Rush: Double run speed
9. Enemy Sense: You can sense the locations of openly hostile creatures in a 100' radius
10. Aviator: When you aren't touching the ground, enemies roll damage against you with disadvantage
11. Maglev: When you jump, you can hover until the end of your next turn (and move while hovering)
12. Heavy Impact: When you land on or adjacent to an enemy, they take d6 bludgeoning damage
13. Rage: When you take maximum damage from an attack, regenerate 1 Void Die
14. Quick Thinking: You can expend all your remaining Void Dice (if you have any) to prevent a Major Wound.
15. Natural Talent: When you kill someone, next Void Power is cast with advantage
16. Intruder: When someone discovers you hiding, you get to take a turn before they get to yell.
17. Streamline: 1-in-6 chance of Void Die regenerating on short and daily rest
18. Retribution: When you Take It, deal extra d4 damage
19. Pain Threshold: Ignore ability score decreases from Minor Wounds until after combat ends
20. Provoked: When you're at 0 HP or less, your attacks deal damage with advantage

Weapon Mods
1. Point Blank: Step up damage die size
2. Hellfire: Also deals fire damage
3. Convulsion: Also deals electric damage
4. Cryo Coil: Also deals cold damage
5. Biosteel: Also deals acid damage
6. Thunderstruck: Killed targets explode as grenade, scatter away from you
7. Point Strike: Crit range 18-20
8. Shred: Damage also inflicts -1 Armor
9. Vital Sense: Can choose Minor Wound to inflict
10. Furious: Can attack at start of round. If you do, can't attack on your turn
11. Pressure Point: Roll damage with advantage
12. Frame Perfect: Stunts deal double damage dice
13. Stand Ground: When you Take It and attack back with this weapon, deal normal damage instead of damage with disadvantage
14. Patient Hunter: If you do nothing besides attack on your turn, the attack can't be dodged
15. Hushed: Attacks silently. Impact not necessarily silent
16. Flesh-Eating: Also deals necrotic damage
17. Mind Blowing: Also deals psychic damage
18. Collision Force: Also deals bludgeoning damage
19. Augur Strike: Also deals piercing damage
20. Buzz Kill: Also deals slashing damage

Prime Armory: Permanently install a copy of a mod you own on a piece of your gear. The gear becomes shiny and gets a bunch of cool decorative flanges. This doesn't count towards your Mod Slots, and you keep the mod itself to install on other stuff. Each time you level up, you can Prime another piece of gear, including your Frame.

Fashion Frame: When you fail a physical test, you can try again with a Charisma check. You can do this a number of times a day equal to the number of fashionable, coordinated accessories you're wearing on your frame (ex. a fancy paint job, decorative armor plates, a scarf or cape...)


  1. I am so glad to see proper GLOGframes - all those wizard schools just waiting for space ninja-fication!

  2. This is nicely done, thank you.


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