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Temporal Parasite and Paradoxes

This for a challenge from Micah on the OSR Discord, where we're all making various parasite races and/or classes for the GLOG! Links to other blogs' takes are at the bottom of the post.

You would have died regretting everything, if not for the machinations of wizards. A spell cast your mind back in time, to the body of your younger self. Armed with the age-fogged memories of your glory days, you will forge a better destiny, in the name of the you that could have been. Choose your actions carefully, for Time does not appreciate meddlers, nor does it suffer fools.
13th by staypee
by staypee
Temporal Parasite (a GLOG race): Reroll nothing (you have regrets for a reason). Once per day, you can choose to remember your failures and automatically critically succeed on a roll. If you do, roll Paradox as the butterfly effect strains to keep your present and future aligned.

Paradox (d20)
1. As far as you can tell, you got off scot-free. This Paradox has been delayed. Next time you roll a Paradox, roll twice instead.
2. The god of fate demands penance. For the rest of the session, roll with disadvantage unless you're following a command of the Fate domain.
3. You slip a second backwards in time, and when you return, something's taken a chunk out of you. Take d6 time damage.
4. You swear you had it just a second ago... You retroactively left all items in a random inventory slot wherever they were d6 days ago.
5. You stutter through the timestream. For d6 rounds, you and all effects you're sustaining/causing only exist on your turn.
6. Ripples in the timestream pass backwards to alter the circumstances of your birth. Roll to see what changes (d6: 1. Base race, 2. Gender, 3. Appearance, 4. Name, 5. Backstory, 6. Class).
7. Your personal time slows down drastically. You act half as fast as everyone else for d6 minutes.
8. Temporal fluxions warp your body and twist your mind. Gain a Mutation.
9. Mind magic and time magic play poorly together on the best of days, and this is not a good day. Everyone in the party passes their character sheet to the left until the end of the session.
10. You bifurcate as your timeline tries to take both the original and corrected paths. There are now two of you; one who critically succeeded, and one who critically failed. You control the one who critically failed; the one who succeeded disappears in d6 hours.
11. A wave of ennui sweeps over you. When you try to take actions to further your goals, save vs failing to motivate yourself. Do this until you fail a save.
12. The last consumable or temporary effect that happened to you unhappens, and so does everything it gave you.
13. You realize exactly what's going to happen and are powerless to prevent it. Roll d6 d20s. These are the values for your next d20 rolls, from highest to lowest.
14. Chances slip through your fingers. Whenever you roll a die besides a d20 for the rest of the session, step it down.
15. You're frozen in time for d6 rounds. You can be moved, but your position and items are frozen - your limbs can't be shifted, items can't be taken away, etc. When this effect ends, whatever you were trying to do happens.
16. Time convulses and the laws of physics and biology reverse. Invert all of your ability scores (they become 20 - score) for the rest of the session.
17. Your body is shunted elsewhen but your mind remains as a floating cloud of information and motive force. You can't manipulate physical objects, but you can manipulate information (text, spoken words, spells) as if it was an object. Your body snaps back into existence in d6 hours.
18. Your body starts to disintegrate; take d6 entropy damage from the rapid decay.
19. You tear a hole between dimensions into a universe where everyone is evil and has more facial hair. You are replaced by your mirror universe duplicate for d6 hours.
20. You are plagued with visions of the apocalyptic future your action has ensured. Gain d6 Stress and Crack.

Time Wounds
0-4: Deja vu. Save vs. taking the last action you took all over again.
5-9: Paradox. Roll on the Paradox table.
10+: Erased. You cease to have existed and are erased from the timestream entirely. Whenever anyone acknowledges you ever existed, they take d4 time damage.

Entropy Wounds
0-4: d4 items in your possession fall into disrepair. You have disadvantage when you use them.
5-9: Decrepitude. Age d20 years.
10+: Disintegration. You and all your possessions shrivel into dust and blow away in the wind.

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