Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Judge

Paladins? Bah. A king can't count on them to do his bidding. Too much fancy moralizing religion in the way. Knights won't work either, they have all that chivalry and nobility and self-important puffery. No, real monarchs need their own corps of loyal enforcers, unquestioning and brutal.

The Judge
(a GLOG class)
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Juries. Executioners. Judges.

Judge A: Here's My Badge, Voice of Authority, d8 HD

Judge B: Detect Crime, +d8 HD

Judge C: Call for Backup

Judge D: I Am The Law, +d8 HD

Here's My Badge: You have a seal, emblem, signet ring, legal document, or other icon of your authority handed down by your ruler that allows you to resolve disputes in their stead. Anything you do, if you flash your emblem in a realm that recognizes your ruler's authority, is endorsed by the ruler and therefore legal. Even outside of your ruler's realm, you will be seen as an authority figure, and respected (or, more likely, mistrusted) as such.

Voice of Authority: Your voice is loud, commanding, and undeniable. When you speak normally, you are heard by everyone in earshot, and when you shout, you startle them and gain their undivided attention. This gives everyone who's surprised by this disadvantage on their next action, and if your level is equal to or greater than their HP, they must save or flee.

Detect Crime: You can detect lawbreaking like a paladin's Detect Evil. This only applies to your ruler's laws, and if something is technically legal (loopholes, situations that aren't covered), you can't detect it.

Call for Backup: You have authority over the local watch. In a pinch, when you're in town, you have a 2-in-6 (increasing by 2-in-6 per additional template) chance to call d6 watchmen to your aid. When in town, you can also conscript d6 watchmen into your party; they follow your reasonable, legal commands.

I Am The Law: Your Voice of Authority now forces a save vs. obeying when you command someone to follow the law, e.g. "Drop your weapons!" "Stand down!" "Hands behind your head!". Only works on creatures that can understand you.

Starting Equipment:
Judge A: Icon of authority, gavel, book of law
Judge B: Weapon of choice branded with icon of authority, handcuffs and key
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also works as rules for Captain Sam Vimes; i think that's kinda neat
(disclaimer: yes, i'm making rules for playing a cop. i also have rules for playing a cannibal who turns genitals into sleep-inducing meals. the content i create is obviously not an endorsement of any real-life practices. please don't turn me into Discourse.)

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