Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Paladin and the Ranger

Two more classes for my homebrew gloghack, Mimics & Miscreants! I've been sitting on the ranger for a while, but the paladin is all-new. Peruse at your own peril!

The Paladin
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And you shall know no fear.

Paladin A: Consecrated Weapon, Detect Heresy, d8 HD

Paladin B: Divine Rituals, Holy Mount, 1 Miracle, +d8 HD

Paladin C: Not Finished Yet, +1 Miracle, +d8 HD

Paladin D: True Believer, +1 Miracle, +d8 HD

Consecrated Weapon: Pick a Cleric Domain. While you’re wielding a consecrated weapon, for each command you are following when you make an attack, you can add one of the following effects to your attack:
1. Smite: Step up damage die
2. Divine Guidance: Negate disadvantage
3. Holy Warrior: Treat attack as having an applicable Fighting Style from the Fighter list
4. Aura of Fear: If you hit, enemy must save vs. fleeing for d(level) turns
5. Savior: If you hit, target focuses on attacking you next turn.
6. Sinseer: If you hit, instantly fully Detect Heresy on the target.

Detect Heresy: By meditating in a location for 10 minutes, you can feel the presence of heretical deeds, that contravene the commandments of your domain. Every additional 10 minutes you spend gives you another piece of information:
- Specific commands violated
- Precise location of heresy in location
- Detect heresies up to 24 hours ago

Divine Rituals: You can invoke Miracles as a Cleric, but you require 10 minutes of uninterrupted prayer and holy rituals to do so.

Holy Mount: With 10 minutes of prayer and ritual, you can summon your divine mount, which takes the form of an animal associated with your Domain. It obeys your commands unquestioningly and it is large enough to ride. You can dismiss it at any time. If it dies, you cannot summon it again for a week. It doesn’t need food, water, or sleep.

Not Finished Yet: When you would take a fatal blow, you can return to life empowered by divinity until your current adventure is concluded. You heal all wounds and roll HP as if you had just completed a daily rest. When your adventure ends, or when you take an action that directly contravenes your Domain’s commands, you pass on immediately.

True Believer: You can invoke Miracles as part of a weapon attack. You still need to be obeying Commands to do so.

Paladin A: Chain shirt, chain legs, light shield, holy symbol, holy book, consecrated weapon of choice
Paladin B: Breastplate OR platelegs, heavy shield, random consecrated weapon

Skills (d3): Divine Will, Law, Tactics

The Ranger

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Every day is a new frontier, over every hill there's a new adventure. You're prepared for all of them. 

Ranger A: Advantageous Terrain, Loyal Companion

Ranger B: Hated Foe, Pragmatic Survivalist, +1 Terrain, +1 random class skill

Ranger C: +1 Terrain, +1 Foe, +1 Style or Cut or Spell or Miracle, +d6 HD, +1 random class skill

Ranger D: +1 Terrain, +1 Foe, +2 Styles or Cuts or Spells or Miracles in any combination, +1 random class skill

Advantageous Terrain: Pick a terrain when you get this feature. When a fight breaks out in your chosen terrain, you can add plausible terrain features. In addition, while travelling in this terrain, you can reroll one die (weather, encounter, combat, or other) per turn.

Loyal Companion: You have a mundane animal pet (HD = level) that is loyal to you and only you. You two can understand each other perfectly. It will do anything for you, even putting itself in harm's way. It levels up with you and gains HD and thematic abilities.

Pragmatic Survivalist: You have a Fighting Style from the Fighter or Adept lists, know how to prepare a Cut from the Butcher list, can cast a Spell from a Wizard list of your choice, and a Miracle from a Cleric domain of your choice.

Hated Foe: Pick an enemy type. You have +1 attack and +1 damage against them and can track them through any terrain.

Ranger A: Leather shirt and pants, bow w/ 20 arrows OR crossbow w/ 10 bolts, melee weapon of choice, animal feed, 3 rations, flint and steel, tinderbox, bedroll, dagger
Ranger B: Tent, spyglass, cartography tools, parchment

Skills (d10)
1. Herbologist
2. Cook
3. Cartographer
4. Animal Handler
5. Hunter
6. Musician
7. Languages
8. Farmer
9. Lumberjack
10. Hermit


  1. Consecrated Weapon is A++. d(level) can be tricky, perhaps make it level/2 instead? When do we get to see this Fighting Style list? I need it for reasons. And ranger is just full multiclass forever? An interesting method indeed...

    1. I'm not a fan of abilities that only scale up every other level, but I'm still not sure how well weird dice work - will be figuring that out through play.

      Also watch this space for the Fighter, with the first 12 Fighting Styles.


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