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The Adept and the Barbarian

Two more classes for Mimics & Miscreants! Which I swear is coming out before Friday, at least as a first rough draft.

The Adept
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Adept A: Harmonious Motion, 2 Fighting Styles

Adept B: Flurry of Blows, Natural Student, +1 Style, +1 HP

Adept C: Iron Body, +1 Active Style, +1 HP

Adept D: Diamond Mind, Dojo, +1 HP

Adept Fighting Styles: Only active if unarmed, can only have one active at once, takes 10 minutes of uninterrupted meditation to switch your style.

Harmonious Motion: You can move twice as fast as normal, take fall damage at half the normal rate, and ignore difficult terrain. You are also incredibly flexible, and can escape from mundane restraints or cram yourself through gaps half your size.

Flurry of Blows: Whenever you hit with an unarmed attack, you can make another attack against the same target and step up the damage die (to a max of d12), but take disadvantage on the attack roll.

Natural Student: When you fight and are greatly injured by a strong foe, you can learn a new style over a long rest that gives you two of the following: one of its movement types, one of its abilities, one of its attacks.

Iron Body: You have advantage on Constitution and Dexterity saves, and can save to resist half of any environmental damage.

Diamond Mind: You have advantage on Wisdom and Charisma saves, and can save each turn to break charm, possession, and domination effects.

Dojo: In town you can start a Dojo to train students in your fighting styles. [level]d4 students will come to study under you each time you are in town, and d4 will be eager enough to join you on your quests. They gain fighting styles via Natural Student, and gain their first adept level when they learn their second style.

Adept A: Robes, bandages, meditation focus, staff
Adept B: Tea set, rare tea collection

Skills (d3): 1. Poet, 2. Artist, 3. Philosopher
Fighting Styles
1. Absorbing Ooze
You can squeeze through spaces the size of your head.
When you hit an enemy, you can automatically steal an item they’re carrying, including pieces of armor.

2. Charging Wurm
You can burrow through loose earth and breathe underground for 30 minutes.
When you attack an enemy from below, step up your damage die and they save vs. being grappled (can’t move unless you let them go).

3. Flailing Kraken
You can swim in any conditions and hold your breath underwater for 10 minutes.
You can make as many attacks per round as you have free limbs; step down your damage die for all of those attacks once for each extra attack you're making.

4. Glaring Tyrant
You can’t be surprised.
As a reaction, with eye contact, you can force a creature to save vs. countering an ability it’s trying to use. This only works once per round, but you can try until it works.

5. Keening Wraith
You can astrally project while meditating.
Your astral body is intangible, transparent (though not invisible), and cannot go further than [level]*100ft away from your body. You can attack and be attacked while astrally projecting, which deals damage in the form of increasing your Stress. When you Crack, you stop projecting. (what's Stress and Cracking? wait for my trauma rules or substitute your own)

6. Lurking Basilisk
Your movement and unarmed attacks are silent.
With eye contact, you can force a creature to save vs. paralyzation. If they succeed, it doesn’t work on them again.

7. Nesting Owlbear
You can climb rough vertical surfaces as quickly as you run.
You can parry attacks targeting your allies, and can riposte immediately afterward at disadvantage but with a stepped up damage die.

8. Patient Mimic
With a minute of prep-time, you can create a camouflage disguise that blends you into the environment until you move.
You can make an unarmed strike that imitates the mundane attack that an enemy just hit you with.

9. Ruling Dragon
You can jump as high as you can move in a round. Falling from this jump doesn’t inflict fall damage.
You can dual-wield weapons without stepping down your damage dice, and switch between them between attacks. These weapons work for Flurry of Blows.

10. Stalking Displacer
You can split into two copies of yourself, each of which you control independently. One copy is an illusion. Choose which is real when you want to interact with something or something tries to hit one of the copies. When you choose which is real, the other disappears.
If both you and your copy are teaming up on the same enemy, you get advantage on the attacks.

11. Striding Giant
You travel overland at double speed.
You can treat your Strength as 20 for anything besides fighting.

12. Thirsting Stirge
You can skim over the ground, without leaving footprints or applying pressure until you end your move.
When you wound someone, you can drain their vitality and restore d[level] HP.

The Barbarian
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"What is best in life?" "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!"

Barbarian A: Danger Sense, Loincloth Armor, Rage, d12 HD

Barbarian B: Berserker State, 3-in-6 to end Rage, +d12 HD

Barbarian C: Battle Rage, 4-in-6 to end Rage, +d12 HD

Barbarian D: Leader of Men and Beasts, 5-in-6 to end Rage, +d12 HD

Danger Sense: You have a 50% chance to act in surprise rounds.

Loincloth Armor: For every 2 AC of armor you’re wearing, step down your hit die size. If you put armor on after you roll your hit points, scale down your hit points proportionately (putting on 2 AC of armor and going from AC 10 to AC 12 scales down your rolled HP from, say, 16 (out of 24) to 13 (out of 20).

Rage: You can choose to enter a rage at any time. While in a rage, you have +1 Attack, +1 Damage, and are immune to pain and fear. While raging, you cannot do anything defensive, curative, tactical, or cooperate with your allies, and must pursue fleeing enemies and kill those that have surrendered. All you can do is attempt to kill things. Anyone who injures you during a rage counts as an enemy. You can try to leave a rage whenever you are hurt, or on your turn. You have a 2-of-6 chance of successfully ending your rage (increases by 1 for each additional Barbarian template you have).

Berserker State: When you are in an altered state brought on by external forces like drugs, alcohol, spells, possession, etc, your rage bonuses double and you can treat your Strength as 20 while you rage. If you do, when the rage ends so does the altered state, and you crash twice as hard when the altered state ends.

Battle Rage: Pick a fighting style from the Fighter or Adept lists. When you’re raging, you can use that fighting style.

Leader of Men and Beasts: Anyone and any creature you best in single combat, or who you make fear you more than death will follow you unto death. You can deliver a rousing speech to a crowd in town; the toughest [level]d4 will join your cause for a share of the spoils.

Barbarian A: Enough cloth to maintain bare minimum of decency, weapon of choice, random weapon, pelt
Barbarian B: Horse, 3 portions of drugs (d4: 1. hallucinogens, 2. stimulants, 3. hard liquor, 4. painkillers)

Skills (d3): 1. Mountaineer, 2. Sailor, 3. Rider

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